The Home Depot

Repair and Tool Technician

3+ months agoHammond, LA

Job Description
Position Purpose:
Provide outstanding service to ensure efficient day-to-day operation and maintenance of equipment in the Tool Rental department, making sure that available equipment is reliable and properly maintained.

Major Tasks, Responsibilities & Key Accountabilities:

  • Performing preventive maintenance on tools. Diagnosing problems with tools and making necessary repairs. Keeping work area clean and organized
  • Forecasting and maintaining an adequate inventory of parts for repair. Using information from manuals, vendors, etc., to help diagnose problems and restore equipment
  • Returning returned tools by cleaning, inspecting, and preparing tools for rental by other customers
  • Ensuring tools are repaired and available for rental in a timely manner while keeping costs to a minimum
  • Processing tool rental transactions (logging repairs and work orders, generating contracts, taking deposits, turning contracts into invoices upon equipment return, etc.)
  • Training Tool Rental Sales Associates on turning, operation, and minor repair of new and existing tools
  • Acting as Sales Associate on the floor

  • Nature and Scope:
  • Due to forklifts and other heavy equipment traveling through the store, temporary cracks may appear in the floor, causing an uneven walking surface
  • The warehouse environment can be dusty and noisy
  • Doors are frequently open, causing drafts and interior temperature changes
  • Floors around work area may become slippery during wet weather conditions
  • May have to handle merchandise and work with tools with sharp edges
  • Passing forklifts emit gas fumes
  • Tools, supplies and related merchandise may contain hazardous materials

  • Environmental Job Requirements:

    Located in a comfortable indoor area. Any unpleasant conditions would be infrequent and not objectionable

    Typically requires overnight travel less than 10% of the time

    Client-provided location(s): Hammond, LA, USA
    Job ID: HomeDepot-120627BR