STEM & Innovators, Inc. Program Leader, Headfirst Summer Camps: 2020-2251

    • Leesburg, VA

The Position:

Our STEM curriculum is designed for campers to explore and develop their interest in a variety of disciplines including robotics, coding, and environmental conservation. The week-long themes allow campers to dive deep into hands-on challenges and real-life application beyond the classroom. Reporting to the Assistant Director, Programming the STEM Program Leader will diligently provide instruction and ensure smooth execution of programming.

What You'll Do:

  • Show Off the Sciences. STEM Camp covers a vast array of themes and projects, and you provide top-of-the-line enthusiasm through everything you do. While expertise related to specific aspects of our unique curriculum is not required, you must be willing to take on and learn new subject matter.
  • Think Strategically. Our curriculum is what sets us apart, and you naturally look for ways to innovate and improve what we develop. By working closely with our headquarters team, you anticipate issues before they occur as well as appropriately communicate appropriate solutions and improvements along the way.
  • Care for All Campers. Due to varying experience levels and learning profiles, every camper has different criteria to set them up for success. You will ensure that each camper has a personalized and impactful experience during their STEM explorations to have the best day ever, every day.
  • Work as a Team. You will work directly alongside your STEM counselors to create the best experience possible for all campers. By providing guidance on how to enthusiastically implement curriculum, you will encourage your counselors to develop throughout the summer.
  • Train Your Team. Facilitation of training is an essential element of your role. You will use Headfirst provided resources to train your staff on expectations, roles, responsibilities and best practices to ensure the productivity, engagement and overall job satisfaction of your team.
  • Handle the Curveballs. No two days are the same at Headfirst, and every member of our team will see unanticipated challenges come their way. You may be asked to help problem-solve, lend a hand with inter-departmental projects, and take on other responsibilities as requested.

About You:

  • You have completed at least three (3) years at an accredited undergraduate institution or have equivalent educational experience.
  • You have one (1) year of relevant professional experience working with children, preferably in an educational setting.
  • You are mission-driven. Here at Headfirst, we’re inspired to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults everywhere, and we want you to be too.
  • You lead by example. By balancing the composure, integrity, clarity and empathy necessary to act as a positive influence on your team and Headfirst as a whole, you are a natural leader who works with a sense of urgency and commitment necessary to achieve our business objectives.
  • You are solution-oriented. You thrive in an environment that pushes you to think outside of the box, working with your team to brainstorm and innovate for all obstacles you face.
  • You are an agile and strategic problem-solver. You understand that as a business grows, its practices, processes and policies may need to as well, and you’re not afraid to innovate with a collaborative approach.

What You'll Gain:

  • Coaching & Professional Development Skills. You will be the guide and leader for your program and will provide your team of counselors with valuable feedback to improve what they do, every day.
  • Curriculum Implementation. Together, we aim to unlock the personal best in every child, and through our experiential, research-based curriculum you will gain experience in educational instruction and facilitation.
  • Logistics & Operations Experience. Being the lead isn’t for everyone, but by managing your own program you will be responsible for managing the moving pieces of materials and curriculum elements with our in-house operations team.

Headfirst Companies are proud to be Equal Opportunity Employers.

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