Coordinator - Camper Experience, Programing and Staff Management: Headfirst Professional Sports Camps - Residential Experience: 2019-2138

The Position:

The Coordinator of Camper Experience, Programing and Staff Management at Headfirst Professional Sports Camps Residential Experience will be the role model for all campers and staff – showcasing unparalleled levels of dedication, integrity, and professionalism within the Headfirst Professional Sports Camps community. This individual must always prioritize operating a safe and secure camp while taking personal responsibility for the physical and emotional well-being of every program participant. This role requires the ability to not only coach your staff, but ensure your team is properly facilitating the Headfirst Professional Sports Camps Curriculum. You must be able to provide constructive feedback while working closely with the Headfirst headquarters team to ensure that each camper and team member on-site has a safe, enjoyable, and enriching experience. This program will offer three weeks of Headfirst Professional Sports Camp curriculum through four of our Professional Sports Camps partners. Our residential team will travel to Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C., over the three week period to operate this once in a lifetime residential experience. With this being a residential position, we ask that our Coordinator of Camper Experience, Programing and Staff Management live on site at each of our partner facilities from June 26th – July 19th. We offer room and board, transportation to each new location, meals, and competitive salary.

What You'll Do:

  • Manage Camp. The people have spoken, and we have been voted one the best summer experiences - therefore, we need someone that is up for the challenge of maintaining that standard. You will manage the day to day operations of camp including all on-site processes, safety procedures, our unique curriculum and of course, our team of valuable staff members.
  • Create a Culture. We believe a camp is only as good as it’s team – and you are the individual we’re trusting to lead our team of coaches to success. You will create a culture of excitement, teamwork, positivity, respect, and professionalism for everyone that is involved with this program.
  • Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. In this role, the spotlight is always on, requiring that you demonstrate a positive attitude, clear and respectful communication, appropriate attire and grooming, and a diligent work ethic. You will guide daily All-Camp meetings and not just preach our “Lessons of the Day” - but live by them as well.
  • Handle the Curveballs. At Headfirst we believe obstacles are temporary and embrace any challenge as an opportunity to improve. As a leader of this team, you will have to quickly think on your feet and be able to deviate from your initial plan while maintaining the safety of our campers as your number one priority.  

About You:

  • You have:
    • Experience managing a team of direct reports and comfort with public speaking.
    • A career or equivalent experience in education.
    • Minimum three years of camp experience or experience in coaching and working with children.
    • CPR/First Aid Certification, or ability to obtain CPR/First Aid Certification prior to camp starting.
  • You are:
    • Highly Motivated. A self-starter who approaches professional hurdles with a strong sense of individual responsibility and a sincere emphasis on team over self.
    • A Coachable Teammate. You are a down-to-earth individual who has the desire and capacity to grow through self-reflection, and by both providing and receiving performance feedback.
    • A Leader Through Action. Always doing the right thing is how we conduct business. You are a vocal, energetic, and enthusiastic leader who possesses the charisma, passion, and polish to serve as an ambassador of The Headfirst Companies.
    • Passionate. Here at Headfirst we’re inspired to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults everywhere and want you to be too.

Dates & Locations:

  • June 28 - July 2: (Chicago Cubs) Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, IL
  • July 5 - July 9: (Boston Red Sox) Lawrence Academy in Groton, MA
  • July 11 - July 15: (Washington Nationals) Episcopal HS in Alexandria, VA
  • July 15 - July 19: (DC United) Episcopal HS in Alexandria, VA

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