Art & STEM Specialist, Headfirst Summer Camps: 2019-2148

    • Alexandria, VA

The Position:

Each week of Day & Junior Day Camp has a unique, immersive theme that is built to capture the imaginations of campers and counselors alike, and the Art & STEM Specialist is instrumental in fostering this creative expression. Reporting directly to the Day Camp Program Leader, they use their passion for both art and the sciences to create formative experiences throughout the summer through hands-on projects and interactive demonstrations. 

What You'll Do:

  • Creatively Share Your Passions. You are the expert on all things related to our Art and STEM curricula in Day & Junior Day Camp and express your passion through projects, infus every element of curriculum with our Super Six.
  • Encourage Campers. As the youngest on site, our Day & Junior Day campers are often learning how to be independent for the first time. When necessary, you will provide individualized attention and support, ensuring to meet each camper where they are in their developmental journey.
  • Think Strategically. Our curriculum is what sets us apart, and you naturally look for ways to innovate and improve upon what we develop. By working closely with your Day Camp Program Leader, you anticipate issues before they occur as well as appropriately communicating problems along the way.
  • Communicate Positively. As an integral member of the Day & Junior Day Camp program leadership, you are equally comfortable providing feedback to counselors and your program management team. You understand the importance of speaking with empathy and tact, tailoring your communication to suit the needs of the situation.
  • Handle the Curveballs. No two days are the same at Headfirst, and every member of our team will see unanticipated challenges come their way. You may be asked to help problem-solve, lend a hand with inter-departmental projects, and take on other responsibilities as requested.

About You:

  • You have completed at least two (2) years at an accredited undergraduate institution, with majors in education, arts or science related fields viewed favorably.
  • You have at least one (1) year of relevant professional experience working with children.
  • You are mission-driven. here at Headfirst, we’re inspired to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults everywhere, and we want you to be too.
  • You lead by example. By balancing the composure, integrity, clarity and empathy necessary to act as a positive influence on your team and Headfirst as a whole, you are a natural leader who works with a sense of urgency and commitment necessary to achieve our business objectives.
  • You are curious, flexible and ever-learning. You constantly seek out new ways to improve the eHeaheHeadfirst educational experience and your own contributions to it through continued refinement of your knowledge, skills & abilities.
  • You are solution-oriented. You thrive in an environment that pushes you to think outside of the box, working with your team to brainstorm and innovate for all obstacles you face.

What You'll Gain:

  • Curriculum Implementation Skills. We aim to unlock the personal best in every child, and through our experiential, research-based curriculum you will gain experience in educational instruction and facilitation.
  • Innovative Thinking & Creativity Under Pressure. Throughout the summer you will have the opportunity to provide your own innovations and creative touch to our curriculum as needed.
  • Logistics & Operations Experience. Being the lead isn’t for everyone, but by managing your own program you will be responsible for managing the moving pieces of supplies and curriculum elements with our in-house operations team.

The Headfirst Companies are proud to be Equal Opportunity Employers.

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