Desktop Software Developer, C/C++

3+ months agoDallas, TX

Position Summary

Carry out the design, implementation, optimization, and ongoing improvement of procedural generation systems inside a desktop CAD software platform.

Essential Duties

  • Collaborating with architects to determine the key design factors and layout rules for a type of building
  • Writing spatial algorithms to automate challenging aspects of the design
  • Optimizing the implementation to run in real time with a small memory footprint
  • Iteratively improving the solution based on customer requests and feedback
  • Relying on the work of others while realizing the value of minimizing dependencies and doing it yourself
  • Understanding the balance between software that is perfect and software that exists
  • Typing super duper fast (at least 80 words per minute). Everyone knows this correlates to highly productive programmers
  • Being a curmudgeon is encouraged but optional. Desktop > web

Required Skills

  • 2+ years of C (preferred) or C++ development experience
  • Solid grasp of 2D geometry, trigonometry, and vector mathematics
  • Effective communication with both technical and non-technical peers
  • Ability to solve challenging, open-ended problems where no off-the-shelf or optimal solutions exist
  • Understanding of high-level software performance principles
  • Familiarity with Git or a similar version control system


  • Based in Dallas, Texas
  • Desktop software built in C
  • Very collaborative, much wow


  • Competitive compensation
  • Comprehensive benefits including medical, dental & vision
  • 401K
  • Paid Holidays & PTO

About TestFit

TestFit is a startup tackling challenging design problems in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. Our product is a desktop application that designs multi-family apartment buildings in milliseconds.

Companies should be built to serve people rather than people fit to serve companies. We prioritize people. We're a family that tackles hard problems together. We want you to be fulfilled and productive, which to us means a flexible but no-overtime schedule and an environment of trust that empowers people to do what they know how to do.

At TestFit we do our best to balance the exciting promise of new horizons with the peaceful clarity of a stable vision. We'd love for you to join us on the journey.


The company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, drug free workplace, and complies with ADA regulations as applicable. You must be qualified to work in the United States. We are not accepting remote workers at this time.