Zero Waste Box Europe Internship

Programme Assistant Internship

TerraCycle Europe: Zero Waste Box Department

Job Type: Volunteer Internship

Starting date: Applications are reviewed on a rolling-basis

Duration 3-6 months

Perivale, West London, UK

TerraCycle and Zero Waste Box unit:

Operating in 21 countries (including 12 in Europe), TerraCycle is a world leader in the recycling of generally non-recyclable waste, such as pens, snack wrappers, baby food pouches beauty product packaging, home care product packaging and even the likes of cigarette butts.

The internship is open to students and recent graduates (any grant accepted) with a strong interest in green business, eco-capitalism, upcycling, recycling or social entrepreneurship.

As part of the Zero Waste Box unit, you will be experiencing the early stages of a new business unit in a small team which means plenty of opportunities to build a legacy as well as being exposed to / having your hands on all aspects of a business. TerraCycle offers a unique opportunity for incredible growth and innovative work.

For further information on Zero Waste Box services visit both the French and English websites:


Internship tasks:

You will be assisting the Sales & Programme manager in the following tasks:

  • Fulfilling orders
  • Responding to customers' enquiries
  • Assisting in structuring the unit
  • Liaising with other departments to implement clients' projects
  • Helping in implementing the sales strategies
  • Working on your own project in relation to ZWB

Candidate requirements:


  • Fluency in English
  • Student or recently graduated
  • Any degree but being /wanting to enhance their commercial awareness is required
  • Someone wanting to experience all aspects of a business in a small and new team
  • Hands on, flexible and ability to multitask
  • Enthusiastic team player and positive attitude
  • Interest in environmental issues


  • Fluency in French (strongly desirable)
  • Strong IT Skills

Please submit your CV with a cover letter in English (max 500 words) outlining what you think you can contribute to an internship position with us and if possible, what kind of projects you are interested in working on. Please provide the start and end date of your internship's availabilities.

Please send this to Zero Waste Box - Sales and Programme Manager, TerraCycle Europe at [email protected]

Please note that all internships are carried out on a voluntary basis. We encourage you to apply to a grant such as Erasmus grant.

Meet Some of TerraCycle's Employees

Candice L.

Sales Associate, Brand Partnerships

Candice is responsible for securing brand partnerships with consumer packaged goods companies to create national collection and recycling platforms for their non-recyclable packaging.

Raj P.

R&D Associate Scientist

As an R&D scientist, Raj analyzes different waste compositions, determines the feasibility of recycling potential, and develops and designs process and cost optimization models.

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