Senior Product Manager

We pride ourselves on combining intelligent, forward-thinking content with leading-edge technology and utterly intuitive design. We're rapidly evolving our website -- which draws millions of monthly users, as well as best-of-breed sponsors -- and are looking for an experienced, deeply collaborative Product Manager.

This role is central to TED's continued success, and we're looking for candidates who have developed industry-leading, delightfully intuitive, beautifully realized websites from concept to launch. The ideal candidate is versatile — with experience on a range of sites/features — and meticulous with the tools of the trade (market research, requirements gathering, product specs, wireframes, consensus building, running demo builds, QA, etc).

Responsibilities: You'll work with all of TED's internal properties to collect and define priorities, set detailed milestones, and facilitate a collaborative team (blending design, development and subject-matter experts) to execute them. You'll play a key role in orchestrating development schedule/roadmap, managing time allocation of resources, and seeing through all tactical aspects of product delivery. As such, you'll need exceptional communication and organization skills; a collaborative approach; and the ability to absorb and build on our shared vision for what can become. We expect that you're passionate about web development/design, and well-versed in best practices; we also expect that you're a natural leader who can set direction, communicate clearly across disciplines, and enable a team to produce their best work.

Experience/Qualifications: You'll need to be technologically fluent and current with at least 5 years of experience. You have managed multiple enterprise-level web projects before and have a good grasp of what is necessary to oversee the process in a lean, fast-paced way. You can accurately estimate tasks and time required for most smaller projects and are capable of communicating with engineers on code level daily.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Comfortable in a start-up like environment, where everyone wears multiple hats and priorities regularly shift, to keep pace with rapid industry changes and organization growth
  • Effortlessly collaborative, with an ability to communicate across disciplines, and pull inspiration and solutions from all departments of the organization
  • Organized, self-sufficient, and utterly comfortable multi-tasking. You'll also need to work independently and efficiently without a large support staff.
  • Imaginative and inventive, but also rigorous: capable of fleshing out features and product specs to make sure all the puzzle pieces fit
  • Experienced in creating a lightly structured product development environment, with protocols for gathering requirements, creating specs, allocating resources; setting schedules; QA; beta testing; etc.
  • Have natural intuition about user-centered design and well-versed in wireframing and storyboarding tools, as well as tools for understanding user behavior and quantifying success (traffic analysis, usability testing, etc.)
  • Practical about business concerns, and capable of balancing user needs with business priorities (though decisions at TED are heavily weighted toward the former)
  • Passionate about TED's content, and the prospect of creating a stronger platform to enable the exchange of ideas worldwide

Experience with hands-on web development is a plus. A passion for storytelling and a broad interest in the world -- including science/technology, design/architecture, global development, entertainment/arts -- are also big pluses.

Our team is passionate about TED’s content and the prospect of creating a stronger platform to enable the exchange of ideas worldwide. We’re endlessly curious. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. And we love to work alongside nice people.

Location: This role is based in TED's downtown New York Office. Telecommuting is not an option.

Compensation: We offer a competitive package, including generous health/dental/vision benefits and a company-matched 401K. Every employee also gets an annual continuing education allowance to use for professional development.

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