Managing Director, Alumni Leadership and Collective Impact (Las Vegas Valley)

The Role

As the Managing Director of Alumni Leadership and Collective Impact you will play a critical role in catalyzing our alumni community towards collective action with our students, families, and broader community through an anti-oppressive liberatory lens and culturally responsive leadership. Your work begins with you deepening our understanding through a comprehensive alumni impact analysis in the Las Vegas Valley. You will partner with other leaders on our program continuum leadership team to develop a clear, cohesive strategy for the participant journey of our leaders from admission through alumnihood to ensure our leaders are ready to address the root causes of educational inequity within our community. This strategy will be the foundation for which you will create and lead through a clear vision and strategy for our Teach For America alumni.

You will lead and manage a team of two people, one focused on catalyzing the leadership of individual alumni and the other focused on incubating and growing collective impact. With an explicit focus on culturally responsive leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusiveness, and an anti-oppression liberatory consciousness lens, you will develop your team's understanding of these foci and other research-based frameworks that address systemic inequity particularly with low-income communities and communities of color. You will create sustaining systems and structures for accountability and communication for the alumni sub-team. You will continue to fortify our current partnerships with other influential organizations across our ecosystem and initiate new opportunities for partnership and impact in the work of educational equity. As a team leader, you will exemplify both our Teach For America and Las Vegas Valley cultural values while influencing and leading in our region.

The Team

Las Vegas conjures up thoughts of sunshine, casinos and the strip for many; but there is another side to this incredible region. Las Vegas Valley is a tight knit community weathering the ups and downs of an uncertain economy, making critical investments to modernize our education system, and committing to working together so that all kids here can get a great education. Clark County School District (CCSD), which serves the Las Vegas Valley, is the fifth largest school district in the nation. Only 70% of the district's 315,000 students graduate from high school. Additionally, Nevada has the lowest percentage of children enrolled in early childhood programs in the country. This poses a serious threat to our state's economic growth. We must provide equity and excellence for all kids in the Las Vegas Valley and that's why we do our work and why we need you to join our team.

A hallmark of our team is a strong culture that fully embraces our regional culture values of One LoVVe, DEI Focused, and InNEVision. One LoVVe means we approach our work with compassion and support for our amazing family. DEI Focused requires us to engage with issues of race, class, and other aspects of identity as a regular part of our work, and ensure an inclusive environment for all. Finally, we know we must have a vision that is innovative and community driven if we want to work collaboratively with our constituents to reach ONE DAY. We deeply care about the students and families we work with, improving our education system, and being part of an amazing TFA-LVV team grounded in our work.



Alumni Leadership and Collective Impact Team Vision Development, Management, and Strategy (35%)

  • Overall, you take ownership of the experience and impact of TFA Alums across Nevada. As such, your subteam will work to increase the Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 10% (of FY17 EOY metric) and the Corps and Alumni Learning Index (CALI) to 80% aligned with TFA's Breakthrough Goals. (NPS and CALI are overarching metrics we use to measure investment/satisfaction and mindsets about education respectively.)
  • Create a baseline metric to measure collective impact and development in anti-oppression liberatory consciousness lens
  • Develop collective impact suite of metrics with attention to specific career development pipelines
  • Seek collaborative assets and examples of impact through landscape analysis of LVV community through conducting in-depth analyses of current and potential LVV alumni including, but not limited to current/former employer(s), motivations behind net promoter score, and demographic information to build stronger regional understanding of alumni profile(s)
  • Create a clear vision, strategic plan, and metrics to reach the mission, vision and charge of the TFA-LVV region, program continuum and alumni work specifically
  • Align the alumni budget to the strategic plan, manage the budget to ensure fiscal health
  • Develop an aligned program continuum strategy that will align development of leaders from pre-corps through alumnihood with the program continuum leadership team
  • Unify and create system of accountability for recruitment, outreach, and collective action strategies.

Team Management, Development and Culture (30%)

  • Develop mindset and skill development scope including, but not limited to role/team onboarding and ongoing individual development plans for each direct report to enable them to reach regional and program continuum vision and goals
  • Develop team understanding and ensure vision and various strategies are aligned to an anti-oppression liberatory consciousness lens and other frameworks that address systemic inequity particularly with low-income communities and communities of color
  • Through culturally responsive leadership, manage and coach D, ALCI and M, ALCI towards reaching their individual and broader Alumni sub-team goals
  • Create sustaining systems and structures for accountability and communication within the ALCI team that enables it to operate efficiently and equitably
  • Manage timesheet submission and expenses for each member of the ALCI team
  • Manage team execution against collective and individual goals and metrics through performance management systems
  • Develop team meeting scope and lead alumni leadership team meetings including quarterly progress to goal stepbacks
  • Partner with Ops, Program Continuum to manage and support alumni event-related communication, planning and execution
  • Utilize Salesforce database to manage and input data related to alumni interactions, meetings, and events and conduct alumni research to reach goal of 100% involvement recorded in TFACT
  • Grow meaningful relational touchpoints to 75% alumni involvement
  • Analyze and regularly assess team-wide trends (i.e. progress to goals, identifying what is driving and impeding progress, developing solutions to address gaps, and adjusting course as necessary)
  • Support all shared alumni team responsibilities, including alumni induction, school visits, Opportunity Fair, alumni teacher development and other misc. alumni events.

Relationships & Partnerships (15%)

  • Identify new opportunities to create and leverage impact towards educational equity with the Head of Program
  • Manage existing key partnerships with Leadership for Educational Equity, Clark County Education Association, and Opportunity 180
  • Recruit and manage partners for annual Opportunity Fair that align to TFA-LVV regional and program continuum charge and recruitment strategy with M, ALCI
  • Define a 10% subset of key alumni in roles of influence for which you are responsible to grow involvement
  • Create and manage an advisory body of TFA-LVV alumni in roles of influence to bring diverse perspectives to inform TFA-LVV strategy and goals

Fulfilling Our Mission Through Organizational and Regional Priorities (20%)

  • Steward and be accountable for TFA-LVV culture through self and members of alumni leadership team
  • Represent the alumni perspective on the Program Continuum Leadership Team
  • Own and support all regional and alumni team activities, including corps member selection and matriculation, full staff corps-facing events like All Corps Conferences and Induction (including some weekends), staff meetings, functional team meetings and retreats, and more
  • Build strong relationships with school leaders, district, community advocacy and system leaders to facilitate and establish lasting partnerships.
  • Develop alumni and staff to gain the insight and commitment to serve as effective, committed stewards of the movement for educational equity with an anti-oppression liberatory lens
  • Develop a clear, personal vision for impact and how it relates to your goals
  • Seek and welcome ways to expand your impact, based on critical reflection and feedback
  • Exemplify TFA and LVV team culture values

Prior Experience

  • Demonstrated results as a teacher preferred (2+ years of teaching experience preferred)
  • Demonstrated experience in leading adults and teams, coaching and developing others, and diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Strong communication and organizing skills; Experience creating and managing systems
  • Demonstrated results in vision-setting, strategy creation, and leading culture
  • Strong/Exemplary experience creating and managing systems
  • Strong evidence of building relationships (BRIO) and culturally competent leadership
  • Strong understanding of the Las Vegas Valley educational ecosystem preferred
  • 3+ years of management experience of a team preferred
  • Bachelor's degree required

Work Demands

  • Some evening and weekend work and facilitation required


  • Strong ability to motivate and influence people and teams and able to bring joy
  • Orient towards and demonstrate regional cultural aspirations and organizational Core Values
  • Orient towards diversity, equity, and inclusiveness and culturally responsive leadership
  • Analyzing and array of data to draw accurate conclusions and to inform team management approach
  • Track record of coaching and developing staff members (adult design and facilitation skills; understanding of adult learning principles preferred) and building a strong and inclusive team culture
  • Making informed, timely decisions and using sound judgment to prioritize actions
  • Strong aptitude in cultivating internal and external relationships while laterally managing them toward outcomes
  • Incredible orientation toward organizing, planning, executing, and owning outcomes and continuously improving systems

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Commitment to Diversity and Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

Teach For America encourages individuals of all ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds to apply for this position. We are committed to maximizing the diversity of our organization, as we want to engage all those who can contribute to this effort. Learn more about our diversity on staff:

Teach For America is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, marital status, veteran status, pregnancy, parental status, genetic information or characteristics (or those of a family member) or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.

This job description reflects Teach For America's assignment of essential functions and qualifications of the role. Nothing in this herein restricts management's right to assign, reassign or eliminate duties and responsibilities to this role at any time.

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