As you look at your tasks for the day, you know that as a Yogi, you must prepare for every coaching session you have -- after all, your primary role is to support your clients (who must not be names because of the confidentiality agreement!) and help them achieve their goals. This includes reviewing your client’s profile, filling out requests for pullouts, and track their productivity.

As a Yogi, you bring people from point A to point B and you’re able to do this by developing effective coaching plans wherein you can create an avenue to articulate their visions, goals, and ambitions. But it doesn’t end there, aside from collecting the necessary documentation to keep track of the client’s progress, you need to encourage them to stay committed to the process of personal and professional development. This includes being able to listen for their talents and talents as well as understanding those talents in order to help them improve their productivity and work performance. Apart from this, you need to able to ask powerful questions in order for your clients to anchor themselves to what is clear you need to be someone who can relate with them because let’s face it, if they can’t open up to you, how can you be able to help them achieve their goals?

So, do you have what it takes to become a Yogi?


So, what is it we’re looking for? Well, since this is Yogi post, we’d need someone who already has the skills to even call themselves a life coach. So definitely someone who studied for at least 2 years in college or any vocational course (are you a Psychology or Education degree holder? Even better!).

We’d need someone with excellent communication skills especially in active listening and problem-solving skills because let’s face it -- if you can’t listen to people, then how will you be able to be able to help them improve their well-being?

We need someone who has a strong desire to help people because your job will greatly revolve with that -- you will constantly help people and how can you do your job if you’re not interested in helping others. We need someone organized because let’s face it, can you even help someone if you can’t help yourself? I guess so, too.

We need someone who has a positive outlook in life because we need someone who can find hope in the darkest of places.

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