Learning Experience Leader

    • Indore, India

Imagine yourself going to work with one thing on your mind: that you will be designing and expanding training and development programs.  As you tackle your new tasks for the day, you know that it comes down to one thing: that you will  ensure that Foundation Skills Training is aligned with Product Specific Training methodologies and initiatives.

As a Learning Experience Leader,  think of yourself as a leader that sets the standards and expectations through your conduct, work ethic, integrity and character. You can also think of yourself as a creator in a way that you must create and deliver end-user, partner, and distributor training which includes curriculum, training, and exams, for all general preparatory courses prior to enterprise endorsement. You will also need to deliver preparatory training that is sufficiently technical, covering the basic skill requirements as identified by enterprise needs. You will also need to be able to deliver projects and motivate trainees through effective trainings. Think of yourself as a manager in terms of design, delivery, and you want to always continuously improve the training programs and the other learning opportunities across the organization. You will also amend and revise programs as necessary, in order to adapt to the changes occuring in the work environment. You will also act as the content expert and maintain relevant training documents and training materials for training conducted. You’re also a developer because you need to create effective induction programs. You will also need to monitor and review the progress of the trainees through questionnaires and discuss with the managers. You have to ensure that statutory training requirements are met and you must have an understanding of E-learning techniques, and where relevant, being involved in the creation and/or delivery of e- learning packages. You will also be researching new technologies and methodologies in workplace learning and presenting this research. You will also be a cop in a way that you’ll ensure that all trainees adhere to the company’s Code of Conduct.

So, do you have what it takes to become a Learning Experience Leader?


So, what is it we’re looking for? Well, since this is a Learning Experience Leader post, we’d need someone who already has the experience to even call themselves one. So if you have at least 1-2 years of working experience in the related field  (training or teaching experience) then you’re qualified! Are you someone who is proficient in the use of Microsoft and Google applications? Can you communicate yourself well both orally and in written? Do you have presentation and class facilitation skills? If yes, then you’re what we need!

We need out of the box thinkers and we need someone who is creative enough to have the ability to engage an audience. As a trainer, we also need you to have strong interpersonal, conflict management and mentoring skills.

We need someone who is able to work in a flexible schedule including weekends, holidays and longer hours. So we also need someone with high energy, enthusiastic, motivational training style. We also need someone who has strong organizational, planning, project management, problem resolution, communication, presentation, facilitation, influencing skills.

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