Sr Engineer - Robotics Process Automation & Chatbots

Description: About This Opportunity
As a Senior Engineer, you will work closely with Product Owner and team in a geographically distributed location (Minneapolis and Bangalore) in building a high performing, cutting edge and highly scalable product.  The key to the success of this position is having strong & innovative approach to problem solving, great technical acumen, excellent communication (written and verbal, formal and informal), flexibility, and a self-motivated working style with attention to detail.

About PRA (Process reengineering and automation) - PRA as a product group focused on 'All things Digital Robotics - Robotic automation and chatbots'. It was incubated late 2016 and has morphed into multiple products on digital robotics. The automation vision extends across touchpoint of humans to machines and human to human. The vision led to incubate and deliver multiple in-house custom developed products within a span of 12 months incorporating advanced capabilities like natural language processing (NLP), optical/ image character recognition (OCR/ ICR) and artificial intelligence (AI)). These include

  • Cognitive process automation RPA product
  • Channel agnostic chatbot product supporting bots and human for seamless interaction and handover
  • Bigdata product to ingest unstructured data at scale and derive inference

The benefits span across
  • Improvement in productivity, efficiency, accuracy, working capital, reduced cost of operations and assisting with strategic initiatives
  • Potential revenue impact with conversational commerce and service

Use your skills, experience and talents to be a part of groundbreaking thinking and visionary goals.  As a lead engineer primarily in RPA or chatbot product, you'll take the lead as you...
Software Development Organization:
  • Understands Target's business and technical environments.  Assists teams in resolving complex business challenges via technical solutions.
  • Be a significant code contributor, own and be accountable for a module, drive best practices and ensuring development of high quality code
  • Ensure all code adheres to all platform, development & security standards
  • Stay current with new technology and be able to assesses to determine viability and applicability to Target's business and technical environments.
  • Drive platform capabilities enabled with advancement in the technology including machine learning, deep learning, NLP, search and cognitive computing.
  • Work in a geographically distributed team within local site scrum team
  • Ensure adherence to architecture and development principles around open source, DevOps, Agile, Containerization and Infrastructure
  • Apply the science of utilizing data to solve business problems, the performance and processing problems of dealing with big data, building web scale systems with high response times
  • Partner with product teams in building and delivering high value products, iterate on ideas and continue to innovate and incubate.
  • Be a great team player, mentor team members and help build a team of high caliber software development engineers
Minimum Qualifications
  • 4+ years of software development experience with at least one full cycle implementation from requirement to production
  • Proficiency in Java
  • Experience in building highly scalable distributed systems
  • Excellent written communication skills and ability to document technical content
Desired Qualifications:
  • BS degree in computer science or equivalent
  • Experience with Java, Groovy, Spring, Grails- JVM language and framework
  • eCommerce experience with a track record of innovation
  • Contribute back to the Open Source community is desirable
  • Extensive experience working in an agile environment (i.e. user stories, iterative development, etc.)
  • Full stack engineering with agile and innovative mindset
  • Implemented or understanding of NLP and ML and exposure to open source libraries
  • Exposure to Python, node, scala, R are desirable.

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