Sr Engineer - OpenStack


Join the Private Cloud Services Team where you will help drive Target’s Infrastructure as Code, Cloud Development and Automation strategies in a large multi-data center environment. This position focuses on the private cloud services both in building self-service infrastructure apis and in partnering with application developers to design cloud native applications. You will have frequent interaction with data center, bare metal, network, and development teams as you design reliable, relevant, automated infrastructure/server solutions to provide a robust cloud platform to enable strategic shift to cloud native applications.

Use your skills, experience and talents to be a part of groundbreaking thinking and visionary goals. As a Senior Engineer, you’ll …

  • Build private clouds with Openstack, develop cloud native applications, and understand the security practices associated with these concepts
  • Apply infrastructure as code practices by leveraging Github, Chef & Ansible to automate configuration management, deployment and orchestration across our private cloud services
  • Consult with architects, senior engineers and developers across numerous product/service groups to design robust cloud applications and to evolve infrastructure apis
  • Provide technical leadership to others resolving high severity infrastructure & application incidents by applying proven development practices to infrastructure operations.
  • Be comfortable working with Jira, Pager Duty, Datadog & Hipchat to proactively alert and respond to degradations in user service
  • Oversee preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and quickly resolve problems to ensure infrastructure and application stability
  • Provide thought-leadership within team and to the broader community to promote best practices for cloud native development and contribute to organizational knowledge bases to simplify cloud development with tools such as Heat Templates and Cloud Formation
  • Be capable of working closely with customers to understand customer goals and leverage customer insight to provide input to strategic technical roadmap for platform or infrastructure services

Preferred Requirements

  • Experience with Cloud Development, Infrastructure as Code strategy/implementation in an agile/scrum methodology
  • Experience in development and/or automation/programming technologies – specifically Python, Ruby, or other corresponding automation/code technologies that can be used to build automated infrastructure services and cloud native applications, as well as container technologies
  • Has knowledge of state-of-the art cloud development practices in both private and public clouds and experience leveraging modern development practices with python, ruby or equivalent languages
  • Must have experience with configuration management tools such as puppet, chef and ansible
  • Has deep expertise in Linux and familiar with building private cloud infrastructure
  • Experienced in Infrastructure as Code practices and in applying test driven development practices to infrastructure
  • Ability to work across teams, partners, and other technology leadership to assess current and planned roadmaps to develop. Experience with Firewalls, Virtual Networking, Ironic, Terraform, Openshift, Cloud foundry also desirable
  • Excited to work in a fast paced agile environment


  • BA/BS or equivalent experience
  • 5-7 years total work experience
  • Has in-depth knowledge of state-of-the art engineering technical approaches in design, build, testing, debugging problems as required by domain
  • Maintains technical knowledge within areas of expertise
  • Stays current with new and evolving technologies via formal training and self-directed education

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