Principal Engineer - Computer vision, opencv,Tensorflow

    • Bangalore, India

Description: Join us as a PRINCIPAL ENGINEER - Computer Vision
About Vision computing platform - Our mission is to provide core capabilities in vision computing and machine learning. We want to enable unparalleled guest experience by deriving insights from structured data and unstructured content (videos, images and documents) using vision computing and machine learning platform and capabilities. The platform will provide end to end ubiquitous experience including acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding content and extraction of high-dimensional data in order to produce numerical or symbolic information, e.g., in the form of decisions. Machine learning platform would enable ML developers to focus on writing efficient ML models solving business problems and train/ deploy/ manage with minimal effort.
About the Role
The key to the success of this position is having strong & innovative approach to problem solving, great technical leadership, excellent communication (written and verbal, formal and informal), flexibility, and a self-motivated working style with attention to detail.
Use your skills, experience and talents to be a part of groundbreaking thinking and visionary goals. As a Principal Engineer, you'll take the lead as you...

  • Manage in the decision-making process related to the selection of technology framework, architecture and end-end stack for building machine & deep learning based vision apps.
  • Design and develop vision based apps to handle the enterprise scale, provide consultation and lead implementation of ideas on complex problems.
  • Partner with various in-house teams and vendors in designing and productizing algorithms and ML models across different type of infrastructure (datacenter, edge, far edge compute infrastructure)
  • Implement complex technical problems in retail business setting.
  • Keep abreast of industrial and academic research. mentor and train engineers/data scientists.
  • Curious to learn from the industry, follow emerging trends from established enterprises and startup ecosystem and continuously innovate and drive POCs/ POTs.
  • Focus on scale and performance with the need to optimize and execute for realtime needs.
  • Engages in development/ operations and with engineering team
  • Work with engineering leaders in building a high performing engineering team and talent
    • Mentor and build a high performing full stack engineering team
    • Provides leadership, coaching, motivation and assistance to team
    • Participates in the selection and assessment of technical talent in the organization to identify and develop technical leadership backups. Help in hiring and building team
    • Engages in external tech community (writing blogs, contributing to open source, present in meetups/ conferences, etc)
  • Provide strong leadership and communication skills and use broad technical knowledge that draws upon diverse experiences.
  • Masters in computer science/electronics engineering with combination of research and product/ platform development
  • Over 12+ years of industry experience in building software application with min 2 yrs in computer vision, Image processing/ ML
  • 4-5 years of hands-on experience in machine and deep learning techniques.
  • Deep experience in building and managing large scale platforms for vision computing
  • Proficient in one or more of Python, C++, Java, Scala or equivalent programing languages. Fluency in machine/deep learning frameworks (e.g. Tensorflow, pyTorch, scikit-learn, opencv).
  • Hands on experience in deep learning neural networks like CNN, RNN for object detection/recognition/tracking/classification and optimization for targeted infrastructure.
  • Experience in data related technologies and open source frameworks preferred.
  • Experience in real-time video analytics pipeline.
  • Familiar with software development practices/pipelines (DevOps - kubernetes, docker containers, CI/CD tools).

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