Principal Engineer


Why you should join?

We’re the team that making history in modernizing a mainframe based monolithic application into a distributed data pipeline for all of Target’s inventory. It’s not an everyday job that you’ll get to build a complete Inventory management system ground up that scales to a large Retailer need. Also, our humble claim is that some of the technologies we’ve chosen, and level of automation at each layer of our solution stack we are pursuing, makes our job is very exciting. And we still think that we have just started.

Things that matter to us (and should to you too):

  • Debate, Decide, Implement. Then debate some more and refactor.
  • We are not successful if our partners are not successful in using our systems.
  • Everything we do is “as-code” in version control. We don’t like clicking buttons or doing things manually.
  • Everything should have test cases and they go through a continuous integration process.
  • Favor that which is important over that which is merely urgent
  • We understand the importance of telemetry and metrics

What we do

  • The Stack: Spring Boot, Java, Kafka. However, if we need something, we add that to our stack.
  • Infrastructure: OpenStack, Chef, ZooKeeper, StatsD, Kafka, Graphite, Grafana, ELK, Sensu, Consul, PagerDuty
  • Dev: GitHub Enterprise, Jenkins, Artifactory, HipChat

As a Principal Engineer, you’ll …

  • Clearly define the problem space we are facing, at the highest level.
  • Set technical direction to solve that
  • Champion the solution
  • Rinse and Repeat. Sometimes working on multiple problems in parallel.


  • You are passionate about staying on top of new and evolving technologies
  • You have the natural ability to design highly scalable applications
  • You have innovative mindset – willingness to push new ideas into the company
  • Highly productive coder, self-starter and self-motivated
  • You are already well-versed with distributed computing and you are comfortable in adopting latest technologies. Experience with Java related open source technologies
  • 10+ years of experience building web or enterprise scale applications. Experience or exposure in Cloud-based Concepts and Technologies

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