Senior Product Manager

Grubhub is the biggest food delivery service in the US. We are uniquely positioned to create a truly innovative service for our diners and restaurants. The TLV group is now building a new product line and experience that’s already gaining massive traction. This experience will affect the lives of a substantial portion of US citizens and has the ability to truly revolutionize this industry.

For this challenge, we’re growing like crazy on both eng and product, and we’re looking for more leaders to join our product team. We have several open positions ranging from building new experiences on the Grubhub apps, used by millions of users nationwide, building new tech to serve our restaurants, building internal tools to help scale out the new product, and building core-system functionalities on a more technical front. Here you’ll be able to both build for scale, and own a big chunk of the effort.


  • Manage the entire product lifecycle from inception to production: Identify challenges, design solutions, set priorities and guide product development
  • Work closely with designers and developers, leading feature design and their execution
  • Drive product development with a team of world-class engineers and designers
  • Integrate usability studies, research and market analysis into product


  • 4+ years of B2C & B2B Product Management experience .
  • Strong technical understanding, Someone who feels comfortable to work closely with development teams.
  • Analytical and strategic thinker with strong attention to detail and end-to-end ownership.
  • Proven track record of UX work - visual design considerations, patterns, standards and standard methodologies.
  •  An ability to optimize conversion’s rate and and at the same time being data-oriented thinker and showing strong product analytics skills.
  •  An experienced in running A/B tests and using data to improve the product

See Inside the Office of Tapingo

Tapingo is improving the way people buy things by solving a key problem—lack of time. The company’s innovative mobile app lets users browse the menus of nearby locations, customize orders, pay, then choose between delivery or pickup. Leveraging mobile technology, Tapingo is empowering users to #StopWaiting for the things they need so they can focus on the things that matter.

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