Senior Engineer- Ultimate Pickup Experience

Here at Seamless/Grubhub we’ve been dedicated to giving diners the most convenient way to order food from their favorite restaurants (whether that’s a late night Chalupa from Taco Bell or a salad for lunch from a local restaurant the day after they enjoyed said late night Chalupa).

Last year, Grubhub acquired Tapingo, the market leader in college campus food ordering. Now we’re working hand in hand with the Tapingo team to take the experience off campus and into the hands of Grubhub’s scale of diners and restaurants. To accomplish this, we’re upgrading the codebase to expand the working set of functionality across the board to enhance the Pickup experience.

We are seeking an experienced ninja to join our new Ultimate Pickup Experience Team. This team is just getting off the ground and we need strong engineers. Our work is across the company so consensus building, scoping down requirements and rapidly understanding unknown codebases are essential.

Looking to connect this job description with reality? Go to Turnstyle Market under Columbus Circle in Manhattan and look for the Seamless Kiosk, that’s the diner facing product we’re trying to get right and get to market at scale.


  • 5+ years Java Backend engineering experience
  • Familiarity with eventually consistent databases (ex Cassandra), distributed, and/or relational databases
  • Experience with Cloud Architecture, Distributed Systems, Queueing System, etc...
  • AWS experience or experience similar cloud-based offerings.
  • Experience building high-traffic systems
  • Product oriented and problem solving personality

See Inside the Office of Tapingo

Tapingo is improving the way people buy things by solving a key problem—lack of time. The company’s innovative mobile app lets users browse the menus of nearby locations, customize orders, pay, then choose between delivery or pickup. Leveraging mobile technology, Tapingo is empowering users to #StopWaiting for the things they need so they can focus on the things that matter.

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