Backend Engineer

Tapingo is a platform that powers the local commerce in and around US college campuses. 
This means we control and operate all sides of the marketplace - students buy on Tapingo to save time and money, they work on Tapingo to make money and merchants sell on Tapingo to grow their business.
This unique market position, allows us to hold the perfect mix of a B2C and B2B applications achieving full logistical and operational dominance - forming a new type of ecosystem.

As a Backend Engineer at Tapingo you'll be building and scaling a distributed system that serves millions of users processing hundreds of millions of dollars using cutting edge technologies.
You will plan, design and build intelligent back-end solutions; bind these solutions to our front-end infrastructure; and monitor, test and continuously improve your work. You will also have the opportunity to hack on what you want during our regular 20% hacking sprints.

You will be working closely with product teams, understand their needs and have a direct impact on the design and execution process with high level of quality.
Above all, your work will have an immediate impact the way people experiences local commerce.

You will work from our awesome office in Tel Aviv.


  • 3+ years as a backend engineer
  • Experience with Cloud Architecture, Distributed Systems, Queueing System, etc’.
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL DB's
  • Experience building high-traffic systems
  • Product oriented and problem solving personality.
  • Ability to mentor and act as a knowledge base for fellow’s team members. 


  • Experience with modern system design principles such as microservices architecture, CI/CD pipelines - advantage
  • Experience with AWS
  • Previous experience with high scale startups

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