Apply to Tapingo as a Team

If you are working as a team right now or you were looking to find the right spot for your team to work together and never knew how, we believe we have something that you may find interesting.

Whether you know each other from college, a previous startup, a great meetup group or some open-source project - your value as a team that knows how to work together is big. The advantage of a team over solo applicants is not a secret, and therefore it's not surprising that a lot of companies are being founded by people who worked together in the past (like Tapingo) and acquisitions are often driven by big companies needing to get a strong team of people together - as a group.

As we grow and expand into new areas, the value of a strong team that can join together and lead one of the product initiatives at Tapingo becomes even more clear and needed. Therefore, we have decided to create a program by which teams can apply together as a group.

The "Tapingo Team" program is built for any team of 2 to 5 people. We would like to get to know each of your team members, his/her role at the team, your past experiences together and how you know each other. This program is mainly aimed for software engineers but established teams that have engineers, designers, managers, and/or product managers are more than welcome.

Once applied, we’ll take you all through the hiring process together - making sure you get to the same stages of interviews at the same time. We will bring you all to the office on the same day, and try to design at least one interview problem that you can work on as a team. If we make an offer, we’ll make it to all of you, at the same time; you’d all be free to accept or decline individually, but if you all accept we would work with all of you to find a place at Tapingo where you can all start off working together as a Tapingo Team.


  • Tightly knit teams (2-5) with extensive, previous experience working collaboratively on challenging problems
  • People that are demonstrably passionate about our mission and working on our team
  • Primarily individuals with Engineering or Technical backgrounds that individually meet our requirements


  • Tapingo Team Program sign bonus
  • Stock
  • Competitive salaries
  • Apple choice
  • Paid time off
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Weekly happy hour
  • A voice

Meet Some of Tapingo's Employees

Sophie B.

Growth Manager

Sophie works closely with the Sales Team. Once they’ve closed a deal, she takes the new client through the deployment process and then manages the ongoing relationship.

Sarah P.

Technical Support & Content Agent

Sarah and her colleagues on the Technical Support Team like to refer to themselves as “Operations Ninjas”—they do everything they can to support Tapingo’s merchants and clients.

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