Data Engineer

  • About Us

◦                    Advertising is broken.  Awful banner ads, pop-ups, loud videos -- a massive market is about to be disrupted.   We help brands get heard, by leveraging social network influencers (bloggers, instagramers, youtubers, etc.) to distribute useful content, not ads, to their audiences.   Everyone wins: Consumers get great content, advertisers get heard, and influencers get paid.

◦                    We are the experts.  We’ve done this for 4+ years, first by hand as an agency, then on spreadsheets, and now as a SaaS platform with real revenue from 50+ customers.

◦                    Ground floor.  We just raised a large venture round, but we are small team.  We are building a brand new platform on the latest big data (Apache Spark, Scala) and web technologies (React / Node).   You will have broad impact.  You will have true ownership.  You will fix advertising.

  • About You.  You know Spark, Scala.  You know how to get data in and out (and you don’t call it ETL).  You understand scale, clustering,concurrency, JVM memory model.  You know how to engineer maintainable systems for the long run.  The more data, the more concurrency, the harder the problem, the more fun it is for you.
  • You'll Own.   You’ll build and lead our Data Engineering team to  architect the core pipeline and partner with our Front End and Data Science teams to deliver data in a way they can readily consume.  
  • Our commitment to you

◦                    We will reply quickly

◦                    We won’t waste your time, no brain teasers, no dumb coding tests, no bs -- just in depth conversations on our real challenges (we have plenty, and they are hard!)

◦                    We will move fast

  • What you get

◦                    Above market comp (cash, equity, bonus)

◦                    All the usual perks & benefits (food, top of the line gear, awesome office space, good medical/dental/vision, 401k)

Opportunity to make an impact and own a meaningful chunk -- no micromanagement, and true ownership




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