Audio Director

Ghost Story Games (formerly known as Irrational Games) is a self-publishing game studio owned by
Take-Two Interactive. Our mission is simple: to create immersive, story-driven videogames for people
who love games that ask something of them.

You're an exceptional audio director able to work closely with other creative forces, interpret feedback
and articulate those needs into tangible sound assets. You've worked in a capacity where sound design
is part of the overall process in helping to discover the look and feel of a world.
In this role, you are directly responsible for implementing audio-scapes for a narrative FPS game with
complex systems. At Ghost Story Games, everyone is a sole contributor and everyone ships content. You
will be asked to conceive, create and ship audio content in addition to your audio leadership
responsibilities. You will work directly with internal developers and manage external service providers to
define sound, music and other audio needs, as well as develop solutions to complex audio problems.
The primary goal is maintaining our studio tradition of award-winning sound.

▪ The opportunity to work on a creatively ambitious project in the immersive sim genre.
▪ A world-class team. We are proud to be home to some of the most talented, smartest, nicest
and hardest-working colleagues.
▪ We are a core development team of just under 30 people and work closely with specialist
outsource groups and contractors when necessary.
▪ Open Communication: Our team members are welcome to join any meeting, and we have a flat
structure. Do you have a question or a concern? Just walk up to anyone and ask! Team-based
decision making is important to us, regardless of your position - every opinion counts and is
▪ Flexible Hours: We understand that sometimes people need to juggle work and family life, so we
have flexible work hours and a support structure that allows people to work from home if
needed. Every Friday is a default WFH day for us, so no meetings planned that day!
▪ The Space: We love our studio space and all the comfortable perks that come with it, such as a
fully stocked kitchen (drinks, fruit, snacks, breakfast food), plenty of shops, restaurants and
(urgent care) services within walking distance, a game room, a quiet room, outdoor deck, free
parking, public transportation connections including the Amtrak train into Boston + NY and
maybe, just maybe, we have a bathysphere whiskey bar.
▪ Free Merchandise: Every new employee is welcomed with an onboarding swag package to make
sure they blend right in. Additionally, each of our team members can expect to receive a new
merchandise item every time one goes live in our fan store. For fans of other Take-Two studios,
there is a discounted employee store where you can find the latest games and swag from our
sister studios.
▪ On-Site Support: Our world-class IT and Operations teams make sure that you get what you
need to do what you do best. They keep us working, fed, hydrated and happy. Full team-catered
lunches for new employee welcomes or significant team meetings? Receiving your online
shopping orders? Getting you an aspirin when needed? They have your back!

Great Place to Work® has certified our workplace culture. At Ghost Story Games, 96 percent of
employees say their workplace is great, which ties us for first spot in the games industry.

▪ Enrich the narrative storytelling experience of our game with sound design, music and voice
▪ Conceive, create and implement shippable sound assets for a narrative FPS game.
▪ Conceptualize audio features and systems, and pitch them to the creative director.
▪ Work with other disciplines to understand existing features and systems, and develop audio
systems and features that complement and enhance the player experience.
▪ Identify, define and champion audio-department needs in order to succeed. This could mean
obtaining relevant software, hardware, feedback and/or other tools and requirements.
▪ Oversee and supervise integration of externally produced audio assets into the game.
▪ Work with the production and narrative teams and voice talent to oversee recording, editing,
mastering and implementation of VO.
▪ Work with production to establish and execute on clear, optimized audio pipelines for
innovative game-audio designs.
▪ Manage third-party outsourcers and coordinate delivery of external audio services, including
music composition.

▪ At least three years of experience in a senior audio role for videogame development.
▪ Audio Director credit on at least one highly (85+) rated FPS game title on PC/Console, or a title
that we love anyway.
▪ Proven experience with the development of end-to-end game audio production, including sound
effects, voiceover, music, middleware implementation and audio-system technology.
▪ Experience with creating, recording, integrating and mixing audio for games.
▪ Experience working in Unreal Engine 4 and Wwise.
▪ Ability to critique and direct production of voice samples, music and other sounds.
▪ Experience managing contractors and/or other audio technicians.

• Excellent communication, collaboration, interpersonal and organizational skills.
• A constant drive to solve problems and improve your personal skill set and discipline.
• A great ear for detail.
• Passion for narrative first-person shooters a plus.

• Please provide a resume with credits listed and a portfolio of game sounds and/or music. If ingame,
be sure to identify which components you were responsible for.
• Please have played or at least be familiar with our legacy games System Shock 2, BioShock and
BioShock Infinite.

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