Frontend Engineer, Vanilla JS Core Team

    • Ramat Gan, Israel

Taboola, the world’s largest content recommendation platform, is hiring a Frontend Engineer, Vanilla JS.


In this job you will:

  • Work on Taboola's recommendations widget - one of the backbone products of the company which stands at the intersection of end-users, publishers and advertisers

  • Collaborate with the product teams throughout the company to iterate on the design and implementation of our product

  • Stay up to date with latest browser features, Web APIs and related technologies such as Google AMP, Lighthouse, CDNs, A/B Testing at scale and many, many more

  • Work on a product used by everyone you know, deployed on thousands of websites across the globe with billions of users. In this role, you will directly influence what the web looks like

Our Tech Stack:

JavaScript (ES5 / ES6+), HTML, CSS, Karma, Jasmine, Gulp, Selenium (Nightwatch.js), NPM, Babel, Git, Grafana, BigQuery, MySQL

About You:

  • 4+ years programming experience in web development. Good understanding of, vanilla JavaScript, CSS and HTML is a must

  • Experience with of cross browser and multi device support - both responsiveness and feature support

  • Basic familiarity with advanced "low-level" javascript/web concepts such as Event Loop, Performance API, XHR/JSONP, Browser paint cycle

  • Basic level of understanding of web fundamentals such as HTTP methods & headers, CDN & DNS, how HTTP servers work

  • Have worked with Selenium (or equivalents such as Cypress, Puppeteer, etc)

Nice to have:

  • BSc in Computer Science or equivalent

  • Familiarity with any of the following: Google AMP, Lighthouse, ReactJS, Gulp/Rollup/Webpack, NPM, Java, Maven, Go Lang, Docker, BigQuery, MySQL, Kusto, Grafana

  • Familiarity with methodologies such as Agile, Lean Startup, CI/CD, DevOps, TDD, Extreme Programming, SCRUM

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