Devops Engineer

Taboola is looking for a DevOps engineer to maintain and improve its Build->Test->Deploy process, taking us to full continuous integration, testing and deployment. Responsibilities range from the Individual development environments and tools, SCM, Build/CI server, to our production datacenters with hundreds of servers.  The DevOps engineer will also be responsible for our Dev Ops dashboard and other monitoring tools and will work closely with the R&D and the IT departments, solve complex problems, and help preserve our developers’ sanity. 


  • A Hacker in his (or her) soul, yet with a high attention to detail. 
  • Loves open source, knows his way around the open source community
  • Proven experience with CentOs and Ubunto, feels at home with the command line and shell scripting. 
  • Multilingual: java, javascript-nodejs, bash, python, ruby
  • Experience in an environment with high scale and high availability
  • Good knowledge of maven and java
  • Experience with Jenkins (preferred) or other CI servers
  • Experience with puppet (preferred) or other configuration management tools.  
  • Experience with GIT
  • Responsible and scrupulous and a great self-learner


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