Sr. Video Firmware Engineer

Job Scope:

Video codec team in IoT department delivers state-of-the-art video codec engine, which is widely used in various products, like Google Chromecast, Sony VR etc. Now, we are looking for a passionate video codec architecture for designing our next-generation video engine.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop advanced video codec algorithms for our state-of-the-art multimedia chip;
  • Develop and optimize core firmware code for the versatile multimedia HW engine;
  • Bring up and verify video codec engine in pre and post silicon stage;
  • Work closely with ASIC team, and design the most powerful codec engine architecture;

Job Qualifications
  • Strong background in video codec algorithms, knowledge of H264/ H265/ VP8/ VP9 is a MUST;
  • Experience in multimedia framework and embedded software development is a good plus;
  • Strong algorithm implementation skill and programming skills in c/c++;
  • Experience in ASIC design, FPGA verification, test bench development is good plus;
  • Knowledge of unix/linux environment and scripting language (shell/perl/python);
  • Self-motivated, and can work in a fast-moving engineering environment;
  • Strong problem solver

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