Senior Staff ASIC Architect

About Synaptics:

Synaptics is the pioneer and leader of the human interface revolution, bringing innovative and intuitive user experiences to intelligent devices. Synaptics' broad portfolio of touch, display, biometrics, voice, audio, and multimedia products is built on the company's rich R&D, extensive IP and dependable supply chain capabilities. With solutions designed for mobile, PC, smart home, and automotive industries, Synaptics combines ease of use, functionality and aesthetics to enable products that help make our digital lives more productive, secure and enjoyable. (NASDAQ: SYNA ) .

Job Scope:

Synaptics, the world leader in human interface solutions for portable electronic devices, invites qualified applicants to apply for a career opportunity as a Senior Staff ASIC Architect in our Platform Architecture department. This is an exciting opportunity for someone with great creativity, technical strength, and communications skills who desires to work for the leading company in the booming markets of touch, display, and fingerprint sensing.

This position involves designing, developing, and specifying new sensing architectures to advance the state-of-the-art in our touch and display ASICs. Activities may involve designing new IP blocks within an ASIC to enable a new feature, developing new algorithms to augment the capabilities of our sensing systems, or driving the entire ASIC architecture and specification process for a new chip under development. As such, there is a heavy emphasis on modeling and analyzing our sensing hardware in order to explore and optimize the system performance tradeoffs of new design approaches.

The candidate must have a strong background in analog and digital signal processing and must be able to leverage those skills in order to define architectures for the next-generation of touch-sensing and display ASIC's. A solid understanding of analog circuitry and digital microarchitecture is required in order to derive specifications for the underlying components and make intelligent system-level tradeoffs in the architecture design. Strong analytical skills are needed to quickly evaluate candidate architectures and determine relative strengths and weaknesses of various solutions. Modeling work in Matlab, Simulink, Verilog and/or VerilogAMS will be performed to validate the architectures developed. Having experience specifically with capacitive touch sensors, display electronics, or fingerprint sensors is a major plus.

ASIC Architects at Synaptics are given key responsibilities at all stages of the product development pipeline, including: early discussions with marketing and lead customers to assess product requirements; initial architecture development and specification discovery; tight interaction with silicon teams to assess implementation tradeoffs; ASIC bringup and rapid feature development and deployment; and consultation and support on customer field support issues. As such, successful candidates for this position will have experience working across disciplines and departments to drive new technologies from initial concept to successful mass production at the customer. This position is a highly interdisciplinary role that requires effective collaboration with experts across multiple disciplines, so the candidate must be an effective team player and communicator able to interact with different specialists from across the company. He or she must be effective in a fast-paced, highly technical R&D environment. System-level analysis, specification discovery, and design are central to this position.

Minimum Requirements

  • Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and at least 9 years of relevant experience
  • Strengths in system theory and signal processing, both analog and digital.
  • Significant experience in architecture development and specification discovery
  • Solid understanding of analog and digital circuits
  • Hands-on design, bring-up, test and debug skills
  • Interdisciplinary skillset and ability to contribute and lead during all phases of the product development timeline

Desired skills
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering and at least 6 years of relevant experience
  • Experience in capacitive touch sensing, fingerprint sensing, or display electronics is a strong plus

Synaptics is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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