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Staff Frontend Software Engineer

3+ months agoRedwood City, CA

Want to empower digital business through real-time analytics delivered as a service?  Passionate about putting the power of machine data analytics in the hands of everyone by unifying all data types, enabling universal access and leveraging cloud economics – all this from a single, unified platform delivered and consumed as a service?  Come talk with us!

Good frontend development is hard. Scaling frontend development so that many teams can work simultaneously on a large and complex product is even harder. As the Staff Frontend Engineer, you will be responsible for defining the direction of the modern micro-frontend architecture for sumo logic. You will help build the UI framework which allows autonomous teams to build independently deliverable applications. You will collaborate with UI leads from different teams.

What you will do:

  • Understanding of the “big picture” technical vision of Sumo Logic’s software.
  • Ownership of frontend architecture and how it relates to the “big picture”. 
  • Educate and Collaborate with teams during both design and development phases to ensure adherence to Sumo Logic’s Engineering Principles, and best practices.
  • Mentor junior engineers and improve software development processes.

  • Drive software characteristics such as flexibility, scalability, feasibility, reusability, and security.
  • Evaluate, test, and provide technology and design recommendations to executives.
  • Participate in user experience design, architecture initiatives and lead regular code reviews with a major focus on ease of use, visual appeal, re-usability, and performance.
  • Write detailed design documents and documentation on system design and implementation.
  • Ensuring the engineering teams are set up to deliver quality software quickly and reliably.

What you already have

  • B.S. or M.S. Computer Sciences or related discipline
  • Ability to Influence:  Understand people’s values and motivations and influence them towards making good architectural choices. 
  • Collaborative working style: You can work with other engineers to come up with good decisions.
  • Humility: You are aware of your skills, your limitations, and value other opinions as much as your own.
  • Positive attitude: You have enthusiasm and a positive outlook. You can motivate others to follow your lead.
  • Bias towards action: You need to make things happen. It is essential you don’t become an inhibitor of progress, but enabler.
  • Flexibility: You are willing to learn and change. Admit past approaches might not be the right ones now.
  • Technical skills
    • 3+ years of experience in the design, development, and use of component-based architectures, preferably with React and Redux
    • 6+ years of experience delivering enterprise-class JavaScript web applications
  • Critical Thinking: You use your past experience, research and “outside-of-box” thinking to drill down to the fundamentals of a problem, and rationally assess the facts before jumping to conclusions. 
  • Proactivity: You take the lead, not wait for directions.
  • Responsibility: You can be accountable, reliable, deliver and manage your time well. 
  • Pragmatism: You can trade off longer-term strategic concerns with the short term needs of the business.
  • Curiosity: You have the willingness to learn about new tools and technologies not currently in the set of technologies used at Sumo Logic. Ability to dive deep into unknown territory and quickly reach proficiency with new technologies.

To apply, please submit your resume, no cover letter necessary. We encourage you to submit any work you have done in the open. (Open source contributions, GitHub repos, etc.)


What we do:
We are a cloud-native SaaS machine data analytics platform, solving complex monitoring problems for DevOps, SecOps and ITOps teams. Customers love our product because it allows them to easily monitor and optimize their mission critical, large scale applications. Our microservices architecture in AWS ingests hundreds of terabytes daily across many geographic regions. Millions of queries a day analyze hundreds of petabytes of data.

Democratize machine data analytics through the Sumo Logic platform, bringing real-time data insights securely through the cloud.

After being in hypergrowth for the last few years, in September 2020, Sumo Logic became a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ Exchange. Our recurring revenue and customer base continue to grow steadily. We serve over 2,200customers (nearly 70,000 users) across the globe including Airbnb, Alaska Airlines, Anheuser Busch, Hootsuite, Hearst,Hudl, Major League Baseball, Marriott, Medidata, Sauce Labs, Samsung SmartThings, SPS Commerce, Twitter, Telstra,Toyota, Zuora and more.

More information:  

Job ID: 2567799