P/SAT Teacher

As the fastest growing, highest-performing charter school network in New York State, Success Academy has reimagined public education. Nationally recognized for achieving outstanding academic results for students from all backgrounds and zip codes, we have created an innovative K-12 school model that is preparing current and future generations of children with the subject mastery and skills to succeed in college and life.

Over the past decade, Success Academies has built a vibrant network of 41 elementary, middle and high schools.  Our 14,000 children – mostly poor and minority – are out-performing students at top city and suburban schools across New York State.  

Our goals for our second decade are even more ambitious:  to grow to 100 schools and to educate 50,000 children across New York City in a uniquely holistic pre-k-12 system.  At 100 schools, Success Academies will be one of the larger school districts in the country – on par with Atlanta or Boston – ensuring that the charter sector is large enough in New York that it cannot be turned back.  At 100 schools, we will graduate 3,000 scholars each year who are prepared to enter, persist and graduate from college and eventually to lead in business, government and civic realms.   

The Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts is our flagship high school, offering a rigorous and engaging academic experience to scholars prepared by our elementary and middle school programs.  We are set apart by our intensive focus on persistence, ensuring that our mainly minority and low-income students gain not only admission to college but also the skills to flourish in, graduate from college in four years and become responsible global citizens.   With our oldest students currently in 11th grade, Success Academies remains uncompromising in offering our high school scholars exceptional opportunities to intellectually engage, gain real-life experiences, develop self-confidence, and bolster their resourcefulness, integrity and sense of personal and social responsibility.

To deliver on this commitment, Success Academies is continuously innovating its high school curriculum; expanding its extra-curricular offerings; putting in place a robust, yet personalized college advisory and counseling model; and broadening and deepening its base of exceptional educators.

As part of that broader mission, we are deeply committed to providing all of our scholars with world-class standardized test preparation.  We recognize the critical role that College Board examinations play in college admissions; we therefore recognize the critical role that test prep plays in our commitment to college access. We believe that all students should have access to an excellent SAT prep course – a course that prepares students to achieve competitive scores worthy of their academic potential.

Toward that end, we seek dedicated, diligent, and highly skilled P/SAT teachers for the 2017-2018 school year. P/SAT teachers will be responsible for leading a cohort of approximately 60 sophomores and 15 juniors to achieve excellent PSAT and SAT I scores.

Sample deliverables for this role include:

- 100 % of scholars in your cohort grow 150 points from a baseline exam (late August) to actual exam; and
- Your scholar cohort achieves a mean PSAT / SAT score of 1300, with  0% scoring below 1100,  80% scoring above a 1200, and  30% scoring above a 1400.

Sample daily responsibilities for this role include:

- Teach 3-4 one-hour prep classes (20-25 sophomores in each PSAT section; 10-15 juniors in each SAT section);
- Study scholar work and performance data; use daily data to adjust adult practice based on scholars’ demonstrated strengths and weaknesses;
- Create targeted and differentiated lesson plans to ensure efficient, high-yield practice and growth;
- Maintain a classroom / cohort culture that a) motivates scholars to achieve their exam goals and b) holds scholars accountable for producing their best thinking and effort while working toward those goals; and
- Communicate scholars’ goals, progress, and next steps to parents; equip parents with concrete tools and strategies to support exam preparation at home; hold parents accountable for consistently implementing those tools and strategies.

The ideal P/SAT teacher will be someone who...

- Has deep knowledge of the content and format of new P/SAT exams;
- Has proven success preparing a wide range of learners for success on the P/SAT;
- Believes that that the PSAT and SAT are, first and foremost, thinking exams; believes that high-quality test prep prepares scholars to think critically and flexibly within the context of the exam; shuns rote “testing tricks” that proceduralize thinking;
- Has experience and proven success managing adolescent learners in a classroom setting;
- Has passion and enthusiasm for preparing a non-selective student population for highly competitive SAT scores (Average 1300+); firmly believes that a nonselective student population can achieve highly competitive scores; views excellent and equitable test prep as a critical facet of a broader social justice movement towards excellent and equitable public schooling;
- Believes that adults are responsible for student outcomes, and that adults must constantly learn, reflect, and improve to better serve students;
- Is flexible and gritty; is comfortable working in a highly dynamic, entrepreneurial culture where change is rapid;
- Is a learner: appreciates a high volume of constructive, direct feedback as a means of professional learning. Is comfortable working in a high-performance organization that embraces excellence, shuns mediocrity, and is constantly dissatisfied with the status quo; and
- Is a team player; embraces and appreciates a high volume of collaboration in the work place; is not overly concerned with designated “role” when asked take actions that are in scholars’ best interests.  

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