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Leadership at Success
The Success Academy Aspiring School Leaders Program provides entrepreneurial educators with the training, resources, and coaching required to become exceptional school leaders. Assistant Principals function as Principals-in-training, receiving the authentic practice and professional development that will allow them to hone their craft in the role until they are ready lead a Success Academy school at the highest level.

The Program is an exciting opportunity to work with a cohort of like-minded colleagues across our growing network—professionals committed to education reform and the creation and growth of exemplary schools.

Getting Ready for Success
In the summer months, Assistant Principals attend our Leader Summit, which provides core training on every aspect of school leadership, ranging from in-depth training on our curriculum and teacher development, to school operations and management. In partnership with their Principal and other school leadership team members, they devise plans to effectively launch the academic year, ensuring the faculty has the tools and resources necessary to be successful.

Growing Your Skills: Mentorship, Coaching, and Collaboration 
Throughout the school year, Assistant Principals receive regular network-led professional coaching and development and work to develop their skills alongside their Principal. We believe that the best training involves authentic practice and real-time feedback. As indispensable, core members of the school leadership team, Assistant Principals assume greater responsibility and accountability for delivering student results as their time in the role progresses.

At Success Academy, we invest in talent development, supporting our staff to grow in their careers and expand their impact in service of our school communities and dual mission. As such, we require a multi-year commitment for all Assistant Principal candidates.

Assistant Principals drive instruction and create a school culture of scholarship by:

- Teaching for a portion of each day to develop an in-depth understanding of our design, provide an exemplar teaching model for instructional staff, and increase their effectiveness as a leader;
- Using student achievement data and student work to drive daily and long-term instructional decisions; and
- Building strong relationships with parents, scholars, and teachers and creating investment around attendance, homework, school culture initiatives, and overall scholar success.

Assistant Principals develop teachers’ excellence by:

- Teaching them to plan and intellectually understand content at a high level;
- Giving feedback and coaching teachers on lesson implementation to improve academic outcomes; and
- Teaching them to build relationships with students and their families and hold these critical constituencies responsible for outstanding academic and cultural outcomes.

Assistant Principals learn to lead by:

- Honing their own moral authority and emotional intelligence to, in turn, positively evolve their school’s adult culture;
- Directly managing teams of teachers and being accountable for moving their instructional practice and their students’ academic achievement;
- Owning academic achievement in specific grades or content areas while partnering with the other leaders on the leadership team to run an excellent school; and
- Weighing in on decisions with school design and oversight, including scheduling, staff recruitment and hiring, data analysis, and ensuring operational excellence.

Who should apply:
The Aspiring School Leaders Program is for candidates with at least three years of instructional experience at the elementary and/or middle school level who seek to hone their craft and shape the practice of teachers in their school.

The ideal candidate has:

- Exceptionally high standards for the quality of work and a reflex to improve at every turn;
- An eagerness to learn and growth mindset, which are of the utmost importance at Success Academy;
- Well-developed emotional intelligence and moral character;
- A demonstrated ability to deliver rigorous, engaging instruction;
- A record of exceptional student achievement; and
- An ability to build strong relationships with all constituents, thoughtfully navigate challenging situations, and get excellent results from others.

Meet Some of Success Academy Charter Schools's Employees

Chris H.

Associate Teacher, Teacher Resident

Chris loves watching his scholars discover new things in the classroom every day. He particularly loves the creative and unexpected questions they ask as they develop academically.

Nadja S.

School Business Operations Manager

Nadja loves how collaborative her school community is and how everyone works together to make sure that both scholars and teachers are set up for success.

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