Retail Digital Platform Specialist

    • Camden, NJ


The Retail Digital Platform Specialist is passionate about the future of retail and evolving consumer behavior and focuses this passion into programs and pilots to give Subaru a competitive advantage in customer experience and digitally enabled buying/selling process.

Responsible for the coordination and execution of the in-store digital experience.

Builds strong relationships and trust, while extensively collaborating with Subaru field teams, service providers, SOA IT & Marketing peers, as well as retailers to ensure strategy and execution is applicable nationwide.

Primary Responsibilities:

Must be able to perform all of these:

  • Maintain current and relevant expertise of technology trends and their impact on customer experience, within and outside of the auto industry -- and to leverage those trends to improve the in-store buying experience.
  • Oversee the execution of the in-store digital experiences through evolution, execution, and expert handling of day-to-day operational requirements and tasks.
    • Implement new features and content responsive to customer usage metrics, direction of SOA marketing, and on the ground input from retailers & field staff.
    • Identify and facilitate content integrations to create an intuitive consumer experience consistent with brand standards and other online/offline platforms or programs.
    • Helps create business and system requirements for new platform enhancements
    • Supports the strategy, communication, and implementation for new program launches.
    • Works with the Web Strategy Manager to optimize the budget for continued operation, enhancement, development, and to enhance the customer experience while building brand loyalty.
  • Plan, develop, launch, and maintain content to drive the evolution of the in-store customer experience, in partnership with retailers, SOA field teams and departments, and agency partners and vendors.
  • With agency and marketing peers, supports insight-based tasks such as research to inform customer behavior and retailer sales support opportunities, and proactively socializes the performance and analytics of programs & pilots to various SOA and franchisee stakeholders.

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Public Speaking/Persuasive Presence: Advocate for the capabilities and interests of the in-dealership digital platform during organization-wide and program launch meetings.
  • Continuously improve all related training modules in partnership with Subaru's field training organization to verify the program meets retailer needs and enhances the sales process.
  • Tailor customized digital experiences targeted to the varied audiences that comprise the Subaru customer and brand. i.e. enthusiast gatherings, auto-shows, Love Promise activations, life-style events.

Required Skills and Abilities:
  • Ability to work independently and initiate projects as needed.
  • Understand the company vision, mission, and brand. Creatively strategize ideas that enhance the customer experience and promote the engagement of retail sales teams.
  • Contend with multiple projects concurrently and manage various responsibilities with consistent follow through, is flexible and able to work well under pressure.
  • Be a highly organized and self-driven team player and thrive within cross-functional teams to solve problems and drive results.
  • Analytical orientation and ability to focus on details.
  • Skilled communicator with all organizational levels (internal and external); ability to persuade when appropriate.
  • Familiar with basic consumer behavior and user experience (UX) principles and how those skills would apply to future interaction models.
  • High degree of marketing and technology domain knowledge required. The ability to troubleshooting basic computer, audio/visual, and network issues as and when they arise at SOA HQ, SOA field locations, and at retail outlets is a plus.


Bachelor's degree and 4-6 years of experience.

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