Regional Distribution Center Supervisor(Warehouse)


Responsible for overseeing the planning, prioritizing and tracking of the daily warehouse workload and for the administration of company policies and procedures. Ensures that warehouse operations, parts distribution, and related activities are supervised/managed effectively and efficiently. The role includes working with the RDC Manager and Warehouse Leads to ensure that the RDC performs effectively and efficiently and maintains the highest level of customer service to Network RDCs/Retailers. He or she along with the Manager also supervises and manages the maintenance of the entire warehouse facility and property, ensuring all applicable policies, procedures, regulations and rules are adhered to.


  • Provide leadership to the Inbound, Outbound and Inventory teams by monitoring associate/lead performance and provide feedback to both the employee &management.
  • Utilize existing IT technology to analyze the performance of the distribution center. (e.g. WMS reports and scanners)
  • Prioritize the daily workload according to the direction of the RDC Manager and assign tasks to warehouse employees.
  • In concert with the RDC Manager, conduct and deliver the annual performance evaluations for the Leads and Warehouse Associates along with working closey with HR on performance issues.
  • Along with the RDC Manager; Supervise/Lead/Manage warehouse operations portion of the RDC budget to ensure proper utilization of funds allocated for required expenditures; approve responsible invoices and payments.
  • Adhere to policies, procedures, and processes for controlling the Parts Inventory within budget, and Coordinate the completion of the Cycle Counting and everyday physical Inventory integrity.
  • Evaluate and interview potential new warehouse employees and ensure that all successful candidates are motivated, with the work attitude that fits the Subaru culture and company direction.
  • Establish, implement, and monitor good housekeeping policies and procedures.
  • Along with the RDC Manager ensure facility, property and related mechanical equipment is maintained.
  • Communicate with Network RDC/Retailer contacts, review packing and shipments, address RDC concerns and take appropriate action to correct their concerns where applicable..
  • Implement lean warehousing concepts to the warehouse staff. Maintain and improve warehouse operations to maximize the utilization of space, safety, and productivity.
  • Compile & analyze statistics while completing warehouse productivity reports.
  • Along with the RDC Manager coordinate safety concerns with Risk Management, warehouse staff, local and governmental regulations and maintain a safe work environment; including, maintaining a warehouse emergency action plan.

Required Skills and Abilities:
  • Strong organizational and multitasking ability.
  • Significant experience working in a distribution environment.
  • Excellent leadership, organizational, managerial, and team-building skills.
  • Strong decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong budget planning, expense maintenance, and reporting skills.
  • Strong analytical skills (as they relate to process improvement).
  • Strong continuous improvement skills (as they relate to process improvement).
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (oral and written).
  • Proficient in standard Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Self motivated, positive, flexible, team player.
  • Ability to motivate employees.
  • Ability to help and assist with the recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and developing professional team members.
  • Ability to establish and maintain good rapport with dealership personnel

Education/Experience: BA/BS(4 Year Degree) Preferred with 4-6 of related years of experience. We will consider candidates who are actively pursuing a degree who possess the requisite related experience.

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