NASI – Field Investigation Specialist

    • Camden, NJ


This position is the product incident investigator among the American Staff of North American Subaru, Inc. (NASI). This position supports the NASI Field Investigation Team (FIT) Engineers and Sr. Field Investigator. This position performs investigations of instances of vehicle accident and fire, and in some cases, assists with other safety reports where the vehicle is allegedly at fault. The incumbent has significant latitude to determine investigation method and parameters and uses their training, skills, and tools to identify the actual source of the incident for the purpose of assigning liability and further investigation of the root cause.

Primary Responsibilities:

Must be able to perform all of these:

  • Review Field Investigation requests from the distributor, and using their technical knowledge, assess the details of the incident, and determine if NASI FIT will perform a Quick Response Activity (QRA) or not. Advise the Director of the decision and the reasoning for their decision.
  • If it is decided that a QRA is required, they coordinate the actual QRA with the Distributor, and schedule the investigation.
  • At the QRA, determine how, where and why the incident occurred by examining the vehicle, the location of the incident and other physical evidence, and taking and cataloguing photos and physical evidence as necessary, either alone or in conjunction with Subaru Corporation (SBR) and/or distributor representatives. Investigations will be performed with little to no oversight by supervisor. Performs diagnosis of vehicle systems and prepares data to be included in the final report.
  • Interviews customers and/or witnesses to determine what effect, if any, atmospheric, traffic, road conditions, etc. may have influenced the incident.
  • Communicates with and assists NASI and SBR engineers during on-sight investigations, and after, to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of all related factors. Advises management of initial findings or unusual issues before completing the investigation.
  • Creates a thorough report of the findings of the investigation, indicating the cause of the incident and responsible party.

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Track the time to completion of all cases and recommend actions to improve response time for all parties.
  • Performs and schedules follow-up investigations as needed by SBR Engineering.
  • Interfaces and communicates with distributor to relay and discuss the investigation findings.
  • Works with expatriate team members (from Japan) to help them learn more about the North American market and industry practices and with English translations and explanations.

Required Skills and Abilities:
  • Strong knowledge of Quality Improvement disciplines such as Deming, Juran, etc.
  • Proficient understanding of vehicle systems, including mechanical, electrical and electronics.
  • Thorough knowledge of accident and safety-related incident investigation procedures.
  • Skilled in working with cross-culture people, and across management levels as well as across diverse job responsibilities.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills as well as strong presentation skills.
  • Basic problem-solving and root cause investigation skills.
  • Strong PC skills (Microsoft Office); able to create reports.
  • Working knowledge of vehicle design and crash dynamics.
  • Working knowledge of vehicle diagnostic equipment.
  • Japanese language skills or the willingness to learn.
  • Automotive Technology (AA) Degree.
  • At least one of the following qualifications:
    • Subaru Senior Master Certification or other Original Equipment (OE) Certifications:
    • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification; and/or
    • Fire and/or accident investigation training and certification.


Associate's degree and 6-8 years of experience.

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