Emission and Safety Campaigns Specialist

    • Camden, NJ


Maintains essential responsibility for ensuring that Subaru is in compliance with government regulations for in-use product emission testing and recall materials and reports. This includes vehicle procurement/logistics, vendor management, and project coordination/tracking.

Generates the necessary documentation, facilitates necessary documentation approvals, and tracks completion rates for campaigns (emissions, safety, and customer satisfaction campaigns).

Reviews regulatory documents and creates clear summaries for the manager to use for explanation of the regulation to other audiences.


Emissions Area

  • Organizes and arranges the Subaru Corporation (SBR), Subaru Research and Development (SRD), and contractor emission testing of production vehicles for the In-Use Vehicle Program (IUVP). Communicates and negotiates directly with contractors to ensure cost effectiveness and timeliness of testing and presents to Manager for final approval.
  • Controls the budget and payments for IUVP-related expenses. Influences decisions and negotiates regarding spending priorities and costs related to company's participation in the IUVP.
  • Performs the duties necessary to ensure that in-use product testing and performance complies with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements. This involves determining what actions need to be taken, ensuring that tasks are being on-time, and communicating directly with SBR Quality Assurance/Engineering teams, EPA, and state agencies regarding executing these actions in order to meet in-use emission activities and requirements.
  • Monitors field reports, pulling data from a variety of internal sources, and identifies potential emission quality issues from data analysis. Creates the Flag-Up details and relevant next steps and regulation requirements for Manager approval prior to submission to SBR. Works with manager with responses to inquiries from SBR or agencies.

Safety and Recall
  • Participates in the inter-departmental review and creation of the Defect Information Report (DIR) submission document for each safety recall. Requests data from or provides data to other participants as needed. Creates the concise statement for indexing and summary as required by regulation 49 USC 30166(f), to be submitted with every Subaru Communication document on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Recalls Portal.
  • Works closely with SOA colleagues for the creation of campaign and recall customer notification letters for submission to SBR and related government agencies. Participates in discussions with all related departments in Subaru of America (SOA) and SBR to prepare supporting documents and to expedite the execution of campaigns and recalls. Maintains responsibility for posting a copy of the final owner notification to the NHTSA Recalls Portal within five (5) business days of the mailing, as per regulation requirements.
  • Gathers and analyzes the recall completion data and prepares the initial draft submission to government agencies as required by regulations.
  • Prepares the monthly completion report for SOA internal use by utilizing SOA warranty data and other relevant data from multiple sources.
  • Works directly with SOA Recalls and Campaigns Manager for each new recall/campaign. Monitors the recall parameters in Siebel to ensure that the customer-facing information is in place at the time a new recall/campaign is launched.
  • Monitors Subarunet for any safety recall-related announcements and Product Campaign Bulletin updates. Maintains responsibility for uploading a copy of those postings to the NHTSA Recalls Portal within five (5) business days, as per regulation requirements.

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Oversees the printing and mailing schedules for safety recalls, campaigns, and emissions recalls ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Prepares draft answers to Federal (EPA)/state (Air Resource Board [ARB]) investigatory inquiries for Manager approval.

Required Skills/Abilities:
  • Strong knowledge of state and federal emissions regulations and safety recall regulations.
  • Ability to interpret regulatory documents and prepare summary for explanation to SBR and SOA.
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills (particularly Excel).
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of employees in organization.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Ability to balance multiple regulatory priorities.


BA/BS( 4 year degree) + 4-6 years of related experience

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