North American Product Safety Manager

Summary: FHI has created a Chief Safety Officer (CSO) position in the QA Department, located in Japan. The NA Product Safety Coordination Manager acts as the local coordinator and assistant to the FHI CSO, and promotes the proactive safety activities of Subaru to NHTSA/DOT. This position proactively monitors actual field product reports from NHTSA, DOT, warranty, Tech Helpline, FSE and CRS in conjunction with members of NAQA-IN,& NAQA-NJ to quickly identify, quantify, and qualify potential safety issues and report such issues to the CSO and SOA/SCI Top Management. This person will create detailed reports so that the CSO can present such issues to the FHI Safety committee. This person will also proactively monitor other OE safety related issues and report to the CSO.


  • This position works North American Safety Regulatory Compliance Manager as co-leaders of the NASI Safety Group and together they develop, update and enforce the Product Safety Escalation Process to Distributors, NAQA, SIA QE and Subaru Corp. QA.
  • Monitor both distributor's field information, NHTSA and DOT information to quickly identify and isolate potential Subaru "safety" issues and prepare a Product Safety Alert. The Product Safety Alert indicates to NAQA, distributors and Subaru Corp QA that the investigation of the issue is Top Priority.
  • Convene discussions with NAQA, both Distributors, SIA QE, to set the parameters of the investigations. Ensure that all groups understand and are meeting their assigned responsibilities. Both distributors must investigate their respective markets.
  • The Safety Regulatory Compliance Manager proactively supports the action by providing safety notices and recalls of all OE's for similar incidences as well as any and all relative regulations.
  • Notify Subaru Corp. QA and request any relative information from all other markets.
  • Meet face to face with NASI President and NAQA Directors and other staff to present the investigation results, and ensure that the Safety Group has all pertinent data to present the case to the CSO.
  • Coordinate and participate in negotiations and discussions between FUSA and NHTSA/DOT to promote their recognition for Subaru's proactive safety activities.
  • As soon as a Safety Incident has been confirmed according to the parameters of the
  • Product Safety Escalation Process and in conjunction with the Safety Regulatory Compliance Manager, prepare the Product Safety Action Alert and present to Distributor Top Management and Subaru Corp. CSO.
  • Once field action is determined, work with the Recall Committee, to ensure that the action is prompt and adequate to satisfy customer needs and Compliance with regulations.

Additional Responsibilities:
  • As necessary, attend field investigations with NAQA NJ and NAQA-IN to gather first hand knowledge of the actual situation..
  • Attend "Safety Committee" meetings to explain the issues and the background of the investigation, related issues from other OE's, and other relevant information to support the findings.
  • Continuously monitor new safety regulations to understand the implications of such regulations. With the NASRC Manager, update process and parameters and educate to the related groups.
  • Serve as coordinator for Stop Sale/ Stop Ship activities between FHI/SIA and Distributors and be responsible the quick notification and compliance.

Travel Up to 50 % - Overseas and Canada

  • Must maintain strict confidentiality within FUSA QA and FHI QA.
  • Strong skills with MS Office, Oracle, MS Access, etc.
  • Technical skills and knowledge of Subaru product, vehicle design and manufacturing.
  • Strong knowledge of NHTSA/DOT and other Safety regulations and Canadian regulations.
    Strong knowledge of FHI Quality reporting & recording systems (TR & SQIP)
  • Strong interpersonal skills, able to coordinate and negotiate across several groups and cultures.
  • Japanese language skill is a plus, but, if not, incumbent should be willing to learn Japanese.

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