Growth Marketing Manager, Mobile

With a 4.5 star rating in the App Store, we are wicked proud of our Stockpile App. Stockpile is the best way to own the companies you love.* Want to buy $25 of Amazon even though it's $1,000/share? We've got that. Want to send a $20 gift of Tesla stock to your niece? Check. But what good is it to build the world's best brokerage app if we don't have you to stand on the rooftops and shout about it?

Job Responsibilities

  • Mobile App acquisition: Build a new organizational muscle around mobile app acquisition to acquire new users. You will own “app downloads and installations” metric.
  • App store optimization: You'll work on how to optimize our presence in the App and Play Stores.
  • Marketing strategy: Come up with the strategy around how we can drive acquisition and usage.
  • Run campaigns: You'll drive creative with assistance from our design staff. You'll put together ads, run campaigns, monitor budgets and performance, and you'll adjust as you learn

Let's talk about you

  • You have a BS degree, excellent analytical skills, and 5+ years of experience in growth/performance marketing, at-scale.
  • You have ideas. Reading this description made your head explode with all the tactics we should be employing.
  • You live and breathe mobile growth, stay ahead of cutting-edge trends, and can establish yourself as the in-house subject matter expert.
  • This isn't your first rodeo. You've had some success marketing apps before. You have experience buying install ads in mobile-focused channels, and are proficient tools to support attribution (e.g. AppsFlyer) and deeplinking (e.g. Branch).
  • Data-driven: You prefer to say, “My hypothesis is that...” instead of “I feel that...”. You are really comfortable with numbers and you can distill those numbers into actionable insights. You love A|B testing so much that you know the formula for the difference in means statistical test. Maybe you even ran some A|B tests before getting married. Scratch that last item; we're not sure if that's really a good idea.
  • You can prioritize: If we try to do all the ideas, we'll fail. If we try to do just the bad ideas but do them well, we'll still fail. Be able to quickly figure out which idea will best accomplish the goal. For example: self-driving bikes, jet-powered unicycles, urban dog sleds. Pick one and tell us about it!
  • You like people: On this journey, you are going to run across the “perfect partner”. You're not afraid to reach out and spin up a conversation. You will be expected to build relationships and get to know the players across the financial app ecosystem. 

Before You Apply

  • Our team members are avid users of our product. If you don't see yourself using the product, you won't be as passionate about making it better for our users, right?
  • To encourage this, we’re offering $5 of free stock to go through our end-to-end onboarding experience. Choose from Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, or 1000+ other stocks and ETFs.
  • Take the $5 freebie and open an investment account for you or your kids. (Yep, even kids and teens can invest at Stockpile!)
  • In your application, tell us what you liked the most and the least about your experience. If you had a magic wand, what would you change? Don’t hold back — we want your candid feedback!


As featured in Consumer Reports, The WSJ, CNBC and many other national media outlets, Stockpile makes it easy and affordable for anyone to own stock! Stockpile products are available online and nationwide at retailers such as Target, Kroger, ToysRUs, Staples and many other retailers. In addition, several hundred companies with Stockpile today.

Stockpile’s mission is to democratize stock ownership. 86% of the population has never had a chance to own stock because it’s intimidating and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve broken down the barriers to stock ownership by building our own fractional shares platform and partnered with Fortune 500 companies to bring the stock market to you, whether you are grocery shopping or doing your mobile banking. We’re also partnering with nonprofits to promote financial literacy and empowerment so anyone around the world, of any age or income level, can invest for their future.

Based in Palo Alto, Stockpile is venture-backed, and our team comes from companies like Facebook, PayPal, and E*Trade. We’re building a team of exceptionally talented people to join us on our mission, and would love to talk to you!

Meet Some of Stockpile's Employees

Heidi N.

Partner Integrations

Heidi manages partnerships with external companies who use Stockpile. She interfaces with banking partners, loyalty aggregators, and others to manage relationships and general operations.

Garen M.


Garen handles the development of Stockpile’s API integration platform for partners to bring investing opportunities to clients interested in offering the service to their own customers.

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