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The State of Connecticut, Department of Economic and Community Development is looking to hire friendly, outgoing individuals to serve as Tourist Information Clerks at the 6 Welcome Center locations: Danbury, Darien, Greenwich, North Stonington, Westbrook, and West Willington, this summer and fall seasons. This will be a total of 40 hours per week and requires weekend work. Individual work schedules will be determined by the Supervisor of the Welcome Centers. The agency is currently recruiting for a total of six (6) positions.

Selection Plan

Interested candidates should choose the "resume tab" to attach a resume with their submission. Any questions pertaining to this job posting should be directed to Lorraine Vittner:, 860-713-5449.


In various agencies as a summer employee performs one or more tasks and assigned duties of a seasonal nature in providing a variety of services to clients or the public in one of several areas. This class may also be used during the winter college intersession for a period not to exceed six weeks.

Work areas covered by this class shall include the assignments and hourly rates as listed below:

Assignment Minimum
Hourly Rates
Hourly Rates
General $11.00 $11.00 Patient Care Services $11.00 $11.00 Maintenance $11.00 $11.00 Laboratory Assistant $11.00 $11.00 Recreational Aide $11.00 $11.00 Transportation Services (Bus Driver) $11.00 $12.00 Tourist Information Clerk $11.00 $12.00 Specialized Recreational Services $11.00 $14.00 Tourist Information Coordinator $11.00 $14.00 Information Technology System Analysis $11.00 $14.00 Professional Engineering $11.00 $15.00

Minimum and maximum hourly rates will be subject to the following criteria:

1. Returning Summer Workers may receive $.50 an hour additional compensation for each season of service up to the maximum hourly rate.


2. Experienced workers in the specific functional area with another employer may be credited with such time on an equivalent basis to seasons worked and granted the same additional compensation up to the maximum hourly rate.


3. College students may be granted additional compensation of up to $.50 more per hour (up to the maximum hourly rate) for each full year of completed education on the basis of 30 semester hours equaling one (1) year.


Determination of hourly rate is based on the above criteria. Additional compensation is based on only one criteria. It is not intended for individuals to receive additional compensation through application of the multiple criteria listed above.


  1. Promotes the State of Connecticut as a vacation destination to in-coming visitors.
  2. Serves as a Connecticut Ambassador and tourism spokesperson to first time visitors.
  3. Greets walk-in visitors and provides travel information, itineraries, and directions as requested.
  4. Conducts customer service out-reach to incoming visitors.
  5. Complies with program policy and procedure.
  6. Performs daily duties with limited supervision.
  7. Attends ongoing hospitality training workshops throughout the summer.
  8. Reports to welcome center Program Manager.
  9. Offers suggested travel itineraries to incoming visitors.
  10. Orders promotional literature as needed in order to maintain adequate supply to effectively perform.
  11. Compiles daily and weekly volume of visitor statistics and traveling trends.
  12. Delivers weekly literature and supplies to centers as requested.
  13. Oversees weekly and monthly brochure inventory.
  14. Sorts incoming literature and organizes in a user-friendly system for visitors to inquire.
  15. Inventories statewide literature on a weekly basis.
  16. Contacts industry members for additional copies of their promotional literature.
  17. Inputs inventory data into database.
  18. Answers telephone calls to the center regarding travel information and emergency road conditions.
  19. Responds to incoming tourism mail and telephone inquiries.
  20. Prepares bi-weekly work schedules.
  21. Facilitates customer complaints regarding facility conditions and/or services.
  22. Knowledgeable of software skills such as InDesign, Power Point, Digital Asset Management, social media, etc.
  23. Perform routine safeguard measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Outline of duties and schedule will be provided at time of training.
  24. Performs other related duties as required.


Knowledge of principles, practices and procedures of assigned specialty; knowledge in operation of equipment, materials and activities of assigned specialty; knowledge to degree necessary for dealing with and understanding client behavior; interpersonal skills; skill in techniques of assigned specialty; ability to assist clients in self-care habits, personal hygiene and proper social conduct where applicable; ability to understand and carry out written orders and oral instructions; adequate physical strength and stamina to perform duties; some positions may require supervisory and/or leadership abilities.


Any experience and training that could reasonably be expected to provide the knowledge, skills and abilities listed above.


  • Customer service skills;
  • Ability to communicate with the public;
  • Ability to follow written and oral instructions;
  • Ability to work with limited supervision.


1. Incumbents in this class assigned to recreational activities must be able to perform emergency first aid as needed and certain positions will require a current Standard First Aid Certificate.
2. Incumbents in this class assigned as bus drivers or operate a motor vehicle must possess and retain a current Connecticut Motor Vehicle Operator License to drive a bus and/or a Motor Vehicle Operators License as necessary.
3. Incumbents in this class may be required to travel.



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.

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