Business Center Discipline Leader - Architecture (BCDL-A)

Your Opportunity Continuing Stantec Architecture's commitment to the quality of our work and the development of consistency in our practice, we are seeking applications from interested individuals for the role of Discipline Lead for Architecture in our Canada North offices. We are an award-winning team, consisting of energetic professionals involved in a diversified practice including healthcare facilities, sports and recreation and civic buildings. If you have the drive and passion for design and determination to succeed, this is an exciting opportunity.

Your Duties The BCDL leads discipline-specific professional and technical standards, quality assurance practices, design excellence, health and safety, best practices, research and development and innovation. This role works with Business Center leadership to attract and retain the most highly qualified professionals that exhibit demonstrated design and technical excellence to the business center .

Our new BCDL will be the applicant with the greatest potential to enhance our firm's capabilities in the following areas:

  1. Oversee the Quality of our projects, documentation and processes in Architecture across our 3 Canada North offices.
  2. Contribute to the goals of, Consistent Practices and Collaboration, and Design Excellence across the entire firm.
  3. Interact with the Architecture BCDL's in each of our other offices on a regular basis.
  4. Engage with his or her Buildings Engineering counterparts.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge, experience, judgement, and inter-personal skills that are respected by his or her colleagues.
Key responsibilities of the role include:
  • Enhance and stand for design excellence, quality and collaborative practice
  • Be responsible for the quality and innovation of the engineering work undertaken in the business center.
  • Be conversant with, and an advocate for, the Stantec's 5 parameters of design, incorporating awareness in all project work
  • Understand the expertise and professional/technical registrations of all staff in the business center.
  • Ensure adherence to the professional standards and best practices within the business center that have been established by the Discipline Lead, or collectively by the BCDL's.
  • Ensure full adherence to the Project Management Framework, maintaining ISO compliance and audit compliance as necessary.
  • Through active participation in the business center's staffing process, provide Project Managers with appropriate staff for projects, either from within the business center, or from other business centers if local staff are not available, or do not have relevant expertise.
  • Together with the Business Center Sector Leader (BCSL) and Business Center Managing Leader (BCML), and Business Center Discipline Leader - Engineering (BCDL-E), implement the methodologies within the Business Center for the creation and review of workplans, independent reviews, design reviews and technical reviews on all engineering projects, using the standards that have been established by the by the Discipline Lead, or collectively by the BCDL's.
  • Take timely corrective action on any projects that encounter technical challenges in order to avoid claims and take responsibility for mitigating any claims in the BC.
  • Be an engaged leader, actively coach and support the career development of the engineering staff and take personal responsibility for employee retention and recruitment.
Stantec's 5 parameters of design excellence:
Clarity - driven by a clear idea
The genesis of each project is a clear idea, founded on an intimate understanding of client, site program, and community history, culture and context. Articulated through diagrams, models and narrative, this storyline defines the projects' essential meaning.

Purpose - a thoughtful approach
The focus of our work is the enrichment of human experience and wellbeing. Thoughtful attention to place making, spatial sequence, light, material and detail advance public realm and community building.

Discovery - challenging preconceptions through curiosity
Design inspires us. With a mindset to challenge preconceptions, we ask the right questions, critically evaluate ideas, and reveal appropriate solutions.

Performance - measurable objectives
Responsible design combines function and significance. Measurable performance encompasses functional planning, integrated engineering and environmental responsiveness to achieve value, meaning and clarity.

Craft - material legibility
The idea behind a project is legible through its built form. The attention, care and consistency with which we select and assemble systems and materials bring the project to life.

Your Capabilities and Credentials The ideal candidate will:
  1. Have a Bachelor of Architecture degree, be eligible for licensure in the Northwest Territories and have at least 5 years of professional experience. We may also consider individuals with an Architectural Technology background with at least 8 years of relevant architectural experience.
  2. Be preferably located in Yellowknife, with consideration also given to Whitehorse and Iqaluit.
Application Process & Submittal Instructions
Applicants are encouraged to creatively provide information demonstrating the reasons for their interest in the role and their qualifications and capabilities for success.

As part of your application please respond to the following questions:
  1. What are the most effective practices you see being used in your office today (or even practices you employed successfully before you joined Stantec). How do they work and why? If you were recommending something your office is doing that we should all be doing, what would it be?
  2. How would you propose to be an active champion for design excellence? How should we think about QA/QC for design? How do you think about design "ethos" and mentoring design?
  3. Since there is so much to do, each BCDL is expected to undertake some of the collective workload. Do you have a particular area of expertise or focus where you would be most interested in contributing to our overall Practice Team across North America?
  4. The BCDL role is one of jointly working towards common goals. In each business center the responsibility of moving the team forward is shared slightly differently amongst the leadership, based on the strengths of the individuals involved. Describe how you envision working with your Managing Leader and Business Development Leader colleagues, where can you best contribute and in which areas may you need support.
  5. In what ways are you active in your professional communities? How have you demonstrated leadership amongst your peers?
  6. Comment on how Stantec's 5 Parameters of Design are exemplified in your firm/organization and what improvements might you suggest.
  7. What if anything would you like to know from us, in an interview, should you be successful in receiving one.
Submission of Applications

Please submit applications online by 5:00 PM Pacific time, Tuesday, October 3, 2017. Candidates are expected to be shortlisted by October 10 th with interviews taking place in early November in Yellowknife.

Any inquiries regarding this role should be directed to Gerri Tabak, Talent Acquisition Consultant at [email protected] .

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