Desktop Support, Technology Concierge

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We're growing fast. With all of the new faces comes new people who need computers setup, who need phones repaired, who are having problems with their iphone syncing their email... instead of just sticking technology on people’s desks, we’re looking to create a new kind of IT team. Instead of old, slow computers, and cranky IT admins, we use top of the line gear for everyone and want to deliver a seamless experience. As a Desktop Support/Technology Conceriege, you’ll be on the front line of helping deliver this to everyone at Stack Exchange.

What you'll need to have:

  • A positive, customer-first attitude - you should like helping people solve their problems!
  • A strong work ethic even when the job is less than glamorous
  • Demonstrable problem solving skills
  • Want to work with a great team to learn more about practical Computer Administration; “Hungry to learn IT from the ground up!”
  • The ability to keep to a defined work schedule & manage your time
  • At least a passing familiarity with Windows or Macintosh

It'd be really nice if you also have:

  • Prior experience working in a helpdesk role
  • Are familiar with the Stack Exchange network and why we do what we do
  • Know how VoIP works, at least conceptually
  • Have some familiarity with audiovisual equipment like video switchers, crestron systems, etc
  • Have previous experience with Google Apps (GMail, Google Drive, etc)
  • Know what the boards inside a computer actually do
  • Like to tinker with hobby electronics; we use Raspberry Pis in our offices for certain tasks
  • Know how TCP/IP works at a basic level (What’s a tcp port? etc)
  • Had a strong sense of humor, because we're an odd (but fun) bunch

What you’ll get in return:

  • Competitive salary
  • 20 days paid vacation
  • Flexible hours
  • Stock options
  • Completely free health insurance (no copay, no premiums)
  • Great office w/ espresso bar, games, and free daily lunches
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Transportation reimbursement
  • Employees will never be poked with a sharp stick

Diverse teams build better products.

Legally, we need you to know this:

Stack Exchange, Inc. does not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, colour, religion, gender, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class. We support workplace diversity.

But we want to add this:

We strongly believe that diversity of experience contributes to a broader collective perspective that will consistently lead to a better company and better products. We are working hard to increase the diversity of our team wherever we can and we actively encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of it.

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