Travel Writing Intern

Spherical is looking for Travel Writing Interns to produce blog posts, event write ups, and research for luxury hotels across the country. Ideal candidates love to write, travel and promote worthwhile experiences to others. Experience in writing is also required, including college writing, having a blog, and having produced published work. The Travel Writing Interns will work with a Digital Content Producer who will edit, provide feedback, and publish the posts. Within six months, each intern will have forty-eight pieces to use in their portfolio, the content of which is applicable to magazines, literary magazines, blogs, and ever-growing Spherical world of digital travel marketing.

We are looking for candidates in one of these following locations: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston, Washington, DC, Miami Beach, Philadelphia, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles.


  • Propose four blog post ideas about your city each month. Content can range from things to do in town to investigative journalism to opinion to literary nonfiction. The idea is simply to write about things that aspiring travelers may find interesting.
  • Upon approval of topics, research stories as in-depth as possible, and write four blog posts within the month.
  • Write four short-form event posts per month.
  • Potential social media work.


  • Writing sample demonstrating excellent communication skills, including strong grammar, punctuation, voice, imagination, and sense of place.
  • Ability to meet deadlines 100% of the time.
  • Dedication to mastering your city’s culture, restaurants, museums, shopping, sports, and general activities.

We will reach out if your resume and notes indicate that there is a good fit for this role!

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