Executive Assistant

    • Copenhagen, Denmark

Major Responsibilities

The Executive Assistant's (EA) primary responsibility will be to provide administrative support to one or two executive search consultant(s) as well as assist other members of the office staff to balance the workload of the office. Additional responsibilities include:

  • In accordance with the Firm's brand standards, prepare all production work associated with executing a search assignment from start to finish, including qualifications packages for potential new searches, proposal and confirmation letters, position specifications, target lists, progress reports, candidate presentations, reference reports, closeout letters, and candidate and client correspondence.
  • Close out completed searches and organize all material associated with the search in accordance with audit requirements.
  • Work closely with client organizations to schedule candidates for interviews with clients, including assistance with hotel reservations, air travel, directions and any other search-related requirements.
  • Ensure that clients are properly billed in accordance with any special terms; monitor accounts receivables; review monthly client billing worksheets and consultant corporate Diner's card statements for charges to be allocated to relevant searches.
  • Manage and maintain consultant(s) calendar and coordinate trip schedules, making all travel and associated arrangements.
  • Prepare monthly expense reports and ensure accuracy of the allocation of client-related expenses.
  • Provide assistance with additional office responsibilities, including but not limited to reception/front desk/switchboard coverage, supporting multiple consultants, IT liaison, software trainer, document proofreading and quality assurance, client meeting preparation, EA mentor, special office projects, social functions and any other tasks identified by the office Administrative Manager on an ad-hoc basis.
Key Relationships

Primary Consultant

Admin Manager


Research/Associate Teams

Administrative Team


Ideal Experience

  • An undergraduate degree is desirable but not mandatory.
  • Proficient in Microsoft applications (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel).
  • Experience proofreading and editing client documents.
  • Five or more years of executive administrative assistant experience in a professional environment that is production and administratively oriented. Prior experience in a professional services environment is preferred but not mandatory.
Critical Competencies for Success

As measured by year-end performance appraisal and ongoing client, consultant and peer feedback.

Communication and Relationship Management:

Communicate clearly and interact with others in a manner that demonstrates and inspires confidence. Establish and sustain relationships in order to build and strengthen a network of individuals who work cooperatively with each other, including the ability to interact with very senior-level clients and candidates with the highest degree of professionalism at all times. Demonstrate a team approach to and reinforce collaboration in all internal/external interactions to support work balance among the search team and within the office. Exhibit a client-focused attitude in the work environment.

The ideal candidate will do this by:

  • Building collaborative relationships externally and internally, including with individuals in other Spencer Stuart offices.
  • Participating in and guiding teams while fostering an environment of mutual trust.
  • Identifying and assisting in managing the needs and expectations of the internal and external team.
  • Communicating appropriately and effectively with all levels and diverse cultures.
  • Demonstrating effectual presence through high-level, written and oral communication skills.
  • Providing constructive guidance and feedback, and openly receiving the same.
  • Remaining optimistic and positive - even when under stress - facing challenges by looking for solutions and offering support to colleagues who are in need.
Project Management:

Proactively manage projects to ensure smooth and high-quality outcomes while working on multiple assignments with differing priorities and abbreviated timelines that involve team members with varying communication and execution styles. The ideal candidate will do this by:

  • Taking the lead in the timely and efficient scheduling of candidate/client meetings, ensuring that all parties are kept informed, and all details are confirmed and communicated.
  • Identifying the varied resources needed and available to deal with multi-dimensional tasks and putting together a realistic and achievable work plan.
  • Leveraging technology tools such as Outlook, the Microsoft suite of products, and a relational database to their fullest potential in a fast-paced environment, including:
  • Using the calendar to schedule, track and notify people of meetings and changes to the consultant's schedule.
  • Knowing which tool is most appropriate for the task at hand and integrating the features of the Microsoft suite of products to produce the most efficient end product.
  • Leaving a "trail" in the relational database by entering real-time feedback and search progress solicited from all members of the search team as well as clients and candidates.
  • Regularly communicating with team members (colleagues, clients, candidates) regarding expectations, deadlines and project status via face-to-face meetings, conference calls and e-mails.
  • Maintaining flexibility to meet the changing demands and deadlines by identifying early warning signs of potential non-delivery, troubleshooting and requesting help, if needed.

Demonstrate ethical, sound professional practices and personal accountability. Act in a manner that is consistent with the Firm's values. Hold others accountable to standards of performance. Display a curiosity and desire for knowledge and staying current with colleagues, the Firm and its systems. Regularly invest time in encouraging the team to innovate, continuously improve processes and share knowledge. The successful candidate will do this by:

  • Adhering to the Firm's Code of Ethics as outlined in the Red Book.
  • Gaining an understanding of and following the Firm's policies, procedures and brand standards.
  • Advocating high-quality work by ensuring that client deliverables are thoroughly reviewed and edited.
  • Increasing efficiency while maintaining quality in an environment where technology changes constantly and productivity demands remain high. The ideal candidate will do this by:
  • Embracing and actively participating in training opportunities and proactively seeking guidance and coaching from peers or corporate trainers to augment or improve skills.
  • Implementing the skills and knowledge in a timely fashion by persevering through the learning curve associated with incorporating these enhancements into every day work activities.
  • Proactively sharing best practices with the search team by communicating the benefits of improved efficiencies. This could be in the form of informal, on-the-job opportunities or in formal, structured learning opportunities with colleagues.
  • Participating in the Firm's performance management process, providing 360 assessments on colleagues, as requested, and engaging in self-assessment.
  • Remaining self-assured and maintaining a balanced perspective while demonstrating maturity and exercising good judgment.
  • Unemotionally addressing issues on merit.

Spencer Stuart is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer F/M/Disability/Vet/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

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