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Company Overview

Founded in 1956 and privately owned, Spencer Stuart is one of the world's leading executive search consulting firms, operating out of 56 offices in 30 countries and conducting more than 4,000 assignments worldwide annually. We are the advisor of choice among top companies seeking guidance on senior leadership needs and have unrivalled access to leading executives around the world. Our clients range across industries and vary in size from large multinationals to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups; we also serve key nonprofit organizations around the world.

Spencer Stuart's core business is identifying, assessing, and recruiting leaders. Our objective is to help clients find the ideal candidate for their search, tailoring each assignment to reflect the client's strategic goals and current business situation, as well as identifying what the critical capabilities for the successful role will be. Spencer Stuart also provides strategic leadership assessment services and is a global thought leaders on trends in professional client service. This commitment to quality has enabled the firm to establish valuable long-term relationships; over 75% of our searches are undertaken on behalf of existing clients.

Our 400 consultants worldwide blend industry knowledge, professional services ability and a keen understanding of executive leadership. Consultants generally specialize in one of our eight industry or seven functions practice areas.

Industrial Practice

Each year, our global Industrial Practice conducts nearly 1,600 searches, ranging from the world's leading companies to entrepreneurial startups. Approximately half of all industrial searches we conduct are for companies with annual revenues of $500 million or less. Our more than 130+ dedicated consultants bring a diversity of market experience to their work, as well as long-standing, personal relationships with the most sought-after leaders across 12 industry sectors, e.g. Process Industries, Diversified Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Transportation & Logistics Services. Our global Industrial Practice is modeled to reflect the cross-border presence of our clients - we operate within a network that spans strategic markets worldwide.

Position Summary

The Analyst is responsible for producing industry and/or functional analysis reports in support of search engagements, specialty practices and new business initiatives. This includes competitive information, product information and target company list development. The Analyst provides analysis and conclusions to be incorporated into client-ready documents.

Key Relationships

Reports to:

  • Research Director
  • Consultants and Associates (on a project basis)

Other Key Relationships:

  • Consultants, Associates, Senior Associates
  • Executive Assistants
  • Knowledge Managers
  • Global Information Services
  • Practice Analyst
  • Central ID Team

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist in the creation of content for qualification packs for new business development initiatives. Develop a solid understanding of the potential client/client's industry including specific information regarding the "value proposition" (competitive landscape, strengths and weaknesses), stock performance, employee count, etc. Synthesize information accurately, so that it is easily incorporated into a readable, client-ready document.
  • Maintain current awareness of news and issues associated with key client engagements and market opportunities and share that information and knowledge in a timely way with associates, consultants and knowledge managers.
  • Assist in target list development, name generation and organizational chart creation. Contribute to the long list creation by leveraging internal and external databases, social media, company and industry focused web sites, etc. to identify potential prospects and to provide commentary on them. Own prospect identification and company mapping process from the beginning through assignment completion.
  • Participate in assignment kick-off meetings with Associates and Consultants to assist in the development of the search strategy. Directly assist Associates with search-related tasks, such as the development of a search strategy and target list.

Ideal Experience

Undergraduate Degree

An undergraduate degree is mandatory.

Research Tools

Familiar with business reference resources such as Factiva, Hoovers or OneSource.


Two years of experience using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs.

Has completed research that includes financial/ statistical analysis of a business, industry or market.

Critical Competencies

Project Management

Plans, manages and drives own efforts in support of new business development and search assignment support as measured by timely completion of project tasks and feedback from project team members. The successful candidate will do this while handling multiple projects with competing deadlines, working with individuals who have differing styles, and managing challenging expectations by:

  • Providing accurate and timely research information about executives, organizations, markets or other relevant sectors.
  • Taking ownership of the project by doing what is needed at all phases of the research process, anticipating next steps and not waiting to be told what to do.
  • Regularly reassessing priorities to align resources where/when needed and proactively reprioritizing own workload to provide additional support to assignment team where/when needed.
  • Being prepared, where necessary to work longer hours and to be available outside of working hours, committing to deadlines and communicating progress against them to the assignment team and/or client.
  • Delivering on commitments on time or notifying as early as possible if problems occur or deadlines will slip.

Analytical Skills

Synthesize research for business development initiatives, search assignments or intellectual capital initiatives and provides a succinct and accurate point of view as measured by quality and timeliness of contribution to assignment/project objectives. The successful candidate will do this while dealing with short timelines and limited information by:

  • Listening and asking insightful questions.
  • Leveraging knowledge of an industry/function/sector and appropriate resources to gather relevant information.
  • Subjecting researched facts to extensive analysis and interpretation before drawing conclusions.
  • Making inferential leaps in thinking to reach a solution despite incomplete or ambiguous information.
  • Making decisions rapidly, despite the complexity of the issues or pressures involved.
  • Using effective business writing skills to create succinct, client-ready analyses and documenting information in Firm databases.

Professional Approach

Contributes to the efficiency and quality of teams in order to successfully meet project objectives as measured by Consultant, Associate and peer feedback while working with individuals who have differing styles by:

  • Being authentic.
  • Listening and asking questions to clarify understanding and demonstrate knowledge.
  • Placing team goals ahead of individual goals.
  • Considering the needs of colleagues and adapting own communication style accordingly.
  • Setting expectations and clarifying tasks to avoid wasting time and resources.
  • Offering to work outside areas of responsibility when needed.
  • Raising issues early and finding solutions collaboratively.
  • Being assertive in defense of conducted research and resulting findings.
  • Remaining poised when under pressure or handling unexpected challenges.
  • Proactively sharing information with those who would benefit while being discreet with confidential information.

Meet Some of Spencer Stuart's Employees

Jeremiah L.


Recruitment is not going away, and its in flux and evolving. And at the edge of those changes there is a lot of opportunity. It can be really creative.

Christian D.


Christian matches great companies with great experience in countries across the globe. He searches the market for talented technologists and connects clients with digital disruptors.

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