Sales Accounting Support Fuel Processor

    • Springfield, OH


Job Overview:

The Sales Accounting Support Fuel Processor is responsible for reconciling fuel BOLs to store receipts, and paying outside vendor fuel invoices in a timely manner, as well as researching fuel gain/loss issues.

Core Job Responsibilities:

  1. Reconcile fuel BOLs and store receipts.
  2. Update bills, blend products on-line, and make necessary journal entries.
  3. Correct clerical errors for incorrect DSR information.
  4. Research fuel discrepancies.
  5. Communicate with store or terminal if information is incomplete.
  6. Review the daily fuel gain/loss report and identify and correct problems.
  7. Communicate with store support, DMs, and Environmental Department on any fuel issues.
  8. Research month end exceptions and review all stores' WMAC during closeout.
  9. Key manual and correcting journal entries.
  10. Other duties as assigned by management.

Minimum Requirements

Education Level: Associate's Degree or Equivalent Work Experience preferred

If Degreed, preferred Major: Business

Work Experience Desired: Excellent Computer and Analytical Skills

Other Skills:

Enjoys a team environment, interacts well with customers, good verbal and written communication skills, detail oriented, and a motivated self-starter.

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