Sales Accounting Processor

    • Springfield, OH


Job Overview:

Audit and process information that is submitted in the daily sales report mailing to the transmitted file.

Core Job Responsibilities:

1. Log DSR mailings into the system.

2. Compare store's back office with the system report to find variances.

3. Check price adjustments per approved guidelines.

4. Verify invoices for payment.

5. Research retail margin errors, light product gains and losses.

6. Reconcile & match retail transfers.

7. Check for proper Manager, DM, RM approval signatures.

8. Reconcile coupons.

9. Research cash variances.

10. Other duties as assigned by management.

Minimum Requirements

Education Level: High School Graduate or Equivalent. College Experience Preferred

If Degreed, preferred Major: Business, Accounting

Work Experience Desired: Previous office experience

Other Skills:

  • Enjoys a team environment
  • interacts well with customers
  • good verbal and written communication skills
  • detail oriented
  • dependable
  • good organizational skills
  • motivated self-starter
  • Moderate computer skills needed. Microsoft Excel and Word experience a plus.

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