Audit Coordinator - Northern Arizona

    • Flagstaff, AZ



Coordinate and administer daily activities of auditors, and also work with Audit Supervisor, Store and District Managers to analyze and facilitate control of company assets, increase store profitability and improve performance. Responsible for providing performance evaluations and the training and development of Audit personnel.


  • Plans, administers, and monitors the daily and weekly work schedules of auditors per agreed upon audit frequencies, including directing work assignments, providing guidance and assistance on daily activities and projects, reviews and corrects audits and web reports as appropriate, monitors and evaluates performance, making recommendations on employee reviews and salary considerations, and assisting in disciplinary actions.
  • Participates in the daily activity of the auditor, which includes:
  • As control consultant for management, accounts for and verifies all light product and merchandise inventory, evaluates current and historic data, considers the cause and effect of results, and develops, communicates, and makes recommendations for increased profitability and minimization of loss without jeopardizing sales, through better control techniques.
  • Analyze and evaluate, through spot checks, that all required accounting records meet company policy and/or applicable local and federal laws. Evaluates the current policy and procedure compliance at Store level and considers the cause and effect of historic activity, then reports any violations or concerns to appropriate management in order to improve results.
  • Advises and trains Store Management in the proper way to evaluate shift analysis reports, manage most effective positioning of merchandise in the store, analyze cash and discrepancy reports, and assist in investigating potential fraud by employees.
  • Determine that all company funds are accounted for, and that each store is complying with the company's policies and procedures in the areas of money handling, and security.
  • Analyze and evaluate audit frequencies within the given Audit District. Based on current and historic data, recommends to Management the frequency of audits to be conducted for assigned stores, and the manpower required.
  • Create and/or develop new programs and/or policies as it relates to loss control, to better handle store specific issues.
  • Determine and perform further training needs for Store personnel on audit procedures and programs in an effort to facilitate inventory control, such as organization, back stock, write-off procedures, product rotation and the removal of out-of date and reset or unauthorized product.
  • Complete required corporate documentation pertaining to the current audit of the Company Assets. Identifies areas of concern and determines how best to resolve issues. Communicates results of current audit of Company Assets to appropriate Management.
  • Communicates with Operations regarding audit issues, loss control concerns, and any scheduling needs.
  • Provide analysis and data results to Audit Supervisor as required and necessary, and acts in a decision making capacity in the absence of the supervisor.

Minimum Requirements

Education Requirements:
  • Bachelors Degree / Equivalent Experience

Experience Requirements:
  • 6 or more years as Auditor or equivalent experience

Skill Requirements:
  • Ability to develop people and performance, as well as leadership skills.
  • Good judgment, people skills, analytical skills, and ability to communicate high-risk items and relevant concerns to appropriate parties, along with participating in problem resolution.
  • Ability to work independently, requiring, but not limited to, leadership skills, decision-making, and effective delegation of responsibilities.
  • Must be able to understand the consequences that erroneous data may present and the associated risk.
  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information and/or investigations.
  • Available to travel and work as needed.

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