Principal Data Platform Engineer

Company Description

We spend a great deal of our time online. Whether it’s for information, commerce, or entertainment, each of us has come to depend on what we research, discover, and share. Publishers – those who create and curate content – are what makes the Internet great. Yet these publishers practice their craft largely alone, in siloes – without reference points or insightful understanding about where they sit in the grand scheme of things. To add to the challenge, once a Publisher’s content is in the wild, then the task of building engagement, growing a loyal following and enriching the engagement with that following can sometimes feel like shots in the dark or worse, a black box. Moreover, making money from their craft can be a complex task for any independent publisher who might prioritize generating content first and money second.

Sovrn believes that independent publishers are the Internet's vibrancy. As a partner and advocate to tens of thousands of independent publishers, Sovrn provides tools, technologies and services that help publishers (a) make money; (b) get distribution to grow their audience; and (c) access a massive data commons providing extraordinary insights.

The landscape of content networks, adtech vendors, and the myriad of buy-side / sell-side companies can be a complete maze for any reasonable person to decipher. Sovrn cuts through the noise and simplifies things with a basic, straightforward mission:

          Help content creators do more of what they want to do – and less of what they don’t.

Job Description

As Principal Data Platform Engineer you will be responsible for leading the hands-on engineering for real time and batch data pipelines. Data software engineering includes designing, building, testing data pipelines; specifying configuration and infrastructure, automating deployment, implementing monitoring, and ensuring production reliability. The principal engineer is expected to provide proven expertise in the big data domain, and provide technical leadership for data software engineering team.


  • Design real time and batch pipeline according to business data requirements and service level objectives
  • Specify data platform components and configurations required for data pipeline implementation
  • Baseline pipeline performance to achieve scalability
  • Implement data pipeline metrics to monitor performance, accuracy
  • Identify, prioritize, and execute pipeline improvements
  • Partner with feature team engineering, data science, and external data partners to enable business deliverables
  • Lead engineering for standardized data services layer
  • Partner with Release automation engineering for deployment pipelines
  • Partner with QA automation engineering to validate pipelines
  • Troubleshoot systemic issues and lead improvements


  • Bachelor or Masters in Computer Science or relevant field
  • 8+ years' experience, including team leadership
  • Excellent understanding of real time and batch pipelines, big data, data pipelines, and/or data lakes
  • An analytical mindset with problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  • Ability to understand business domain and translate to data platform services

Position Reports to

: Director, Data Platform Engineering

Additional Information


Scott Schoenberger

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