Director of Engineering, Data Platform

Company Description

We spend a great deal of our time online. Whether it’s for information, commerce, or entertainment, each of us has come to depend on what we research, discover, and share. Publishers – those who create and curate content – are what makes the Internet great. Yet these publishers practice their craft largely alone, in siloes – without reference points or insightful understanding about where they sit in the grand scheme of things. To add to the challenge, once a Publisher’s content is in the wild, then the task of building engagement, growing a loyal following and enriching the engagement with that following can sometimes feel like shots in the dark or worse, a black box. Moreover, making money from their craft can be a complex task for any independent publisher who might prioritize generating content first and money second.

Sovrn believes that independent publishers are the Internet's vibrancy. As a partner and advocate to tens of thousands of independent publishers, Sovrn provides tools, technologies and services that help publishers (a) make money; (b) get distribution to grow their audience; and (c) access a massive data commons providing extraordinary insights.

The landscape of content networks, adtech vendors, and the myriad of buy-side / sell-side companies can be a complete maze for any reasonable person to decipher. Sovrn cuts through the noise and simplifies things with a basic, straightforward mission:

           Help content creators do more of what they want to do – and less of what they don’t.

Job Description

  • Overall management and mentorship of team working on a high volume, highly available, mission critical system 
  • Experience with extreme scale Hadoop clusters in modern tools such as Hive and Kafka
  • Understand and communicate the business domain, and how it affects requirement and implementation details
  • Identify cross functional concerns and provide visibility to peers and management
  • Take an active role in removing roadblocks that hamper the progress of the team
  • Identify and drive architectural improvements and standards
  • Partner closely with other leaders/directors across the organization, representing a unified front at the leadership level, ultimately strengthening collaboration between teams
  • Lead a talented team of software developers and devops specialist through technical aptitude, influence and inspiration
  • Experience working within highly scalable applications
  • Constantly explore, test, and document ‘best in class’ technology, approach and structure to help the team operate at the highest level of efficiency
  • Provide mentoring and training to the team to make thoughtful and quick decisions
  • Understand broader goals and objectives and distill them into actionable plans with our data team

  • 8+ years experience designing, implementing, and leading projects in a highly scalable and performant environment
  • 5+ years experience managing engineering teams
  • Proven ability to manage, mentor and motivate Engineering teams
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects
  • In-depth knowledge of and experience with agile methodologies, preferably SCRUM
  • Experience with full SDLC
  • Articulate; excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • B.S. in Computer Science, Master’s degree preferred

Bonus Points

  • Advertising industry experience
  • Experience with Hive, Hadoop, MapR, Kafka, Storm, Camus, Cassandra
  • Deep understanding of SDLC

Our Tech Stack

  • Ad Servers powered by Java, Jetty, Apache Camel, Spring, MySQL, Ehcache and Aerospike
  • Lambda based data pipeline leveraging Kafka, Apache Storm, Camus, MapR

Position Reports to: VP of Platform Engineering

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Sage Soronen

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