Career Services Content Marketing Intern

The Career Services Team at Southern Management is looking for a part-time Content Marketing Intern to assist in presenting the company’s Employer Brand to job-seekers and potential candidates. We want the world to know why our Team Members stay at Southern for years, why families encourage their kids to work here, and why with over 50 years of growth and successful operations we have never used lay-offs to manage our operating budget. We want prospective candidates to know exactly what a unique experience they can expect if they choose to work for the company.

Employer brand is the identity and image of a company as an employer of choice in the eyes of various stakeholders (team members, job-seekers, passive candidates, vendors, etc.). For effective employer branding, a company has to have and exemplify an identity that is true, credible, relevant, distinctive and aspirational. Southern Management has the identity and now we’re working on presenting it to the world.

As a part-time Content Marketing Intern at Southern, your responsibilities will include:
• Creating a Content Marketing strategy and implementation plan
• Establishing and coordinating the editorial calendar
• Creating valuable and engaging content for job-seekers and potential candidates
• Marketing our current and future career opportunities
• Interviewing team members and leadership, participating in events, researching the company, gathering and editing available information

We offer:
• Be a part of establishing a new and unique brand on the market
• Southern is the real deal – a lot of great things to showcase with no need to sugarcoat the facts
• Gain experience in Content/Social Media/Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding
• An opportunity to study the success of a private company with over 50 years of history
• Flexible schedule that works for you and doesn’t conflict with your studies
• An award winning team of property management and hospitality professionals to work and learn with

You bring:
• Current study as a journalism/marketing/public relations/communications major
• Proven content writing and copywriting experience
• Ability to create outstanding and valuable content with the customer in mind
• Time management and prioritizing skills
• Unstoppable drive to master current and new skills
• Desire to create and achieve – not just get a paycheck and a line for your resume
• Ability to tell a story instead of bluntly stating facts
• Ability to work 10-20 hours during the business week

Extra awesome if you have:
• Examples of your content creating skills
• Interviewing and subject research experience
• Experience and skills in managing Social Media marketing efforts
• Ability to create infographics and edit photos/videos

Location: College Park, MD

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