Machine Learning Engineer - Language Modeling (Portuguese)

About the Role: 

  • This is a fantastic opportunity to join the core group working on Speech Recognition at SoundHound
  • Work on building large scale Statistical Language Models, a critical system in Speech Recognition
  • Run experiments and tune parameters to improve Statistical Language Models
  • Build prototypes to explore novel methods/algorithms to improve the Statistical Language Models
  • Identify new techniques to explore, prototype them, and then implement winning ideas in production


  • Proficient in Java and at least one scripting language
  • Excellent algorithms skills, and ability to write efficient code
  • Deep fluency with academic fields relevant to Statistical Language Modeling
  • Experience building production systems based on Machine Learning lifecycle
  • MS in Computer Science or equivalent


  • Familiarity with MapReduce/Spark and other relevant infrastructure
  • Familiarity with DNN, class-based language modeling, and other relevant techniques
  • Experience working with large text corpora and speech-related technologies
  • Experience building large scale crawlers
  • Experience working with Lucene, Nutch, Elasticsearch

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