Content Ops Specialist

What's next in music happens on SoundCloud first. As the world's largest open audio platform, SoundCloud is powered by a connected community of creators, listeners and curators who share, discover and influence what's new, now and next in music and audio.

We're seeking a Specialist / Technical Account Manager to join the Content Operations team in our Berlin office.  

Being a part of the Content Operations team, you will play a key role in establishing and implementing processes and operations with rights holders, labels and artists, building relationships and spreading an understanding of how SoundCloud works.  

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build deep, mutually beneficial relationships with rights holders through clear, friendly and timely communication
  • Represent rights holders and creators operational, process and technology needs internally
  • Create and implement policies and procedures to allow rights holders to best use our unique platform and business model
  • Provide exceptional support for rights holders using the processes you have put in place
  • Work closely with internal teams to manage issues and inquiries from rights holders, labels and artists
  • Lead and manage end-to-end integrations with new rights holders to make their content available on the platform
  • Interface with all relevant teams in developing new features, functions and tools
  • Constantly evaluate, adapt and refine processes to improve the SoundCloud experience for artists, labels, and rights holders

Required skills and experience:

  • You are passionate about music and audio content
  • You have 2+ years experience in the recording or publishing music industry
  • You have some understanding of intellectual property policies or legal affairs in digital media
  • You are comfortable in XML and common communication processes in digital media
  • You are comfortable with basic SQL to get quick answers and regular reports to support our processes
  • You have experience managing operational relationships and/or digital supply chains
  • You are inquisitive, resourceful, and enjoy the process troubleshooting problems

Diversity at SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is for everyone. Diversity and open expression are fundamental to our organization; they help us build a social platform and global community where anyone can create, discover, and share sounds. We acknowledge the challenges in our industry, and strive to develop an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute.

See Inside the Office of SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s largest music streaming catalog that helps people share, discover, and influence global music culture. Due to the open, authentic nature of the platform—plus its connected community of listeners, curators and creators—SoundCloud is constantly driving culture and creativity forward while creating new trends. In many cases, what’s breaking or new everywhere else is born on SoundCloud.

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