Training Executive

The Training Executive is responsible for ensuring quality performance of Smashbox Trainers and Smashbox Makeup Artists in the region by cascading, developing and implementing effective Training Strategies. The position will also educate and motivate Generic Retailer Staff in markets to sell Smashbox products and proudly represent the brand.

This position also serves as a spokesperson for the brand, planning and appearing at in-store events and interacting with local media.

Develop Field Education Teams

  • Cascade, translate & develop Education Guidelines
  • Implement and review monthly reporting of all Artistry Trainers in order to review productivity and efficiency
  • Develop and coordinate an effective training schedules in a cost effective manner
  • Development and present Seasonal "Train the Trainer" seminars for Trainers & "Smashbox on Location" Training for Makeup Artists
  • Work alongside teams and lead by example to emphasize Brand Heritage & product's point of difference

Generic Retailer Staff

  • Conduct Training seminars in all markets to engage and develop retailer staff
  • Develop and implement motivational programs for Generic Staff

Regional Relevancy

  • Cascade & develop Training materials to increase productivity and develop product knowledge in markets
  • Develop training materials and Service Modules to meet local market needs
  • Key role in giving input to Product Development for local relevancy

New Market Launches

  • Work closely with new markets regarding the employment and induction of new Artistry Trainers & Make Up Artists
  • Conduct initial product- and Brand Training for new markets and new retailers

In-Store Events

  • Design, cascade & review successful Event Guidelines to ensure consistency in region
  • Conduct in-store events to assist Trainers, Makeup Artists and generic staff to achieve sales goals


  • Present seasonal Press Launches to International Press within region
  • Co-ordinate press events in region to ensure consistency within International Guidelines
  • Provide Artistry support for photo shoots, magazine articles etc
  • Review monthly PR reports with markets

Meet Some of SmashBox Cosmetics's Employees

Breanna H.

Executive Director, North America Marketing

Breanna partners with top retailers and Smashbox’s internal teams to conceptualize, develop, and execute Smashbox’s marketing strategies for North America.

Pearse R.

Manager, Strategic Training Programs & National Events

Pearse heads artistry and education for Smashbox by creating programs alongside primary retailers to sync cosmetic standards across locations. He also helps test and advise on new products.

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