Software Engineer, Infrastructure (Shanghai)

3+ months agoShanghai, China


SmartNews is a leading mobile app of news aggregation services. It analyzes millions of articles to deliver the most engaging information with high quality in near-real time fashion to millions of users around the world. Responsibilities Design, build and maintain world classes infrastructure to support fast business growth Identify productivity blockers for engineers and research scientists; Deliver improvements and new solutions to help them move fast Build frameworks and tools for identifying scaling bottlenecks (eg: CI/CD, configuration framework), measuring, monitoring and optimizing our system performance to ensure high availability, scalability and fault tolerance Communicate and discuss technical progress to cross functional team members on the team across SmartNews Projects you could work on include: A/B testing platform, moderation platform, location platform, push platform, authentication/authorization platform, privacy platform, micro service infrastructure and lots more. 工作职责 设计,建设和维护一流基础架构以支持快速商业增长 为研发团队及科学家团队及时发现、识别对工作效能产生阻碍的因素,并提供改善方案或新的解决方案 建立框架和工具识别系统扩展瓶颈(如CI/CD,分布式配置框架等),衡量,检测,优化系统性能以加强可用性,扩展性和容错性 在SmartNews公司内部跨团队及跨部门沟通、探讨技术和项目进展 你有机会参与的项目包括但不限于:A/B测试框架,审核平台,地理位置平台,推送平台,认证/授权平台,隐私平台,微服务架构等。

Job ID: SmartNews-A4B1175654