Software Engineer, Frontend

3+ months agoTokyo, Japan


【Mission】 SmartNews is a technology company driven by our mission of delivering the world's quality information to those who need it. Our leading mobile news app has tens of millions of monthly active users in Japan and the US. Our goal is to grow SmartNews into a top global product, delivering quality information that supports millions worldwide. One step toward achieving that goal is to c reate a feature so that our websites and article pages load lighting-quick and are easy to read. 【Culture】 Our engineers come from a variety of backgrounds from large, well-established companies to small ventures. We believe that employees with diverse sets of skills working together make for strong, cohesive teams. Visit our People page to see interviews of our engineering leaders! 【Frontend Engineer Responsibilities】 As a frontend engineer, you are responsible for delivering quality information in a format that renders it instantly accessible and easy to read for both mobile and desktop products for both our Japanese and global users. This includes: Rapid frontend development of hybrid apps to deliver information that meets users' real-time demand (e.g., Corona Virus Real-Time Updates, Olympics, etc.) Collaborating with product managers and UX designers to provide web applications from formulating user stories, designing, implementing, and to production Collaborating with other engineering teams to develop frontend platforms, components, and APIs for global team members Feature development (such as SmartView ) to improve user experience Providing technical innovation to promote good usability, improve product reliability, and system resiliency Standardizing web foundation to increase internal engineering productivity at scale. Participating in the product development life cycle for features build using web technologies, including planning, design, implementation, and maintenance, focus on UI/UX design both for PC and mobile

Job ID: SmartNews-1B23E54D1C